#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


Yep. If Woosha is fair dinkum about upping our defensive workrate he must play.


Support for Dyl seems to have come from nowhere.

Arguably the best see-ball get-ball player in his draft.


I don’t think he would have any issues running out a game or performing close to his best.

When we were at our best around that 2000 period we had a few blokes in our side just like Clarke.

Not the most highly skilled but gives 100% all the time.


He is possisbly the most natural ball winner we have.


Can’t be too far off. I’m sure the coaches will give him a run late next year.


Spot on. The kid needs to be prepared for a lot of criticism, rabid EFC fans abusing him at the ground, opposition fans cheering if he kicks it out of bounds. The coaches, fans and press need to wait until his second game before they condemn him.


Thanks for this. I was looking for your input on this matter.


Yep, he’s not pretty to the eye to watch but very effective in close.

It’s the second and third efforts that makes him stand out though. He’s a competitive animal.


He could not have timed his possession and tckle count with clean disposal better.

In: Clarke.
Out: Myers.

No brainer.


I’m jumping on this bandwagon. IN.


Nah, too many guys in great form.


Give Myers another go, in the middle instead of half back. Lang and Clarke, in the middle, the whole game, let em tag Rockcliff and Wines - congest it up, play ugly. scratch out the ugliest win against Port you’ve ever seen.


Competitive beast


Animal sounds meaner


I’ve said a lot of things about clarke’s kicking, very negative things.

but the man can take body contact like a ■■■■■■■ champ, and we need that.


I’ve only got positive things to say about his kicking. He’s the only bloke on the team with the ability to miss an opposition target.


Well done. 40 disposals against Willy according to the match report. An inside mid who is getting 30-40 week after week is becoming hard to ignore.


bring him in


I don’t care if he is kicking it short but effectively from a stoppage. Many inside mids have short/close range with their disposals. As long as he gets it and gives it to a team mate on the outside, or prevents the opposition opening up play through defensive aggression, i will happily overlook the occasional howler of a kick.


Yes, Blitz is well known for this sort of magnanimous concession.