#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


Has to be chance for the Melbourne game post Anzac Day, when we will be looking for fresh legs.
His problem is they normally are reluctant to throw young players into onball roles initially, preferring to ease them into peripheral roles like wing. Clarke is really an in and under on baller with no real pretensions to playing anywhere else.


His kicking can’t be any worse than Heppell surely.


He could potentially play a lock down role in the forward line somewhere with minutes on ball.

I think we need to start rewarding good form in the 2’s irrespective of what position they play in.


Pretty sure I watched him kick 4 running off halfback in his underage year in the TAC cup…


Play him back/mid

Replace saad who got yet another corky and has a short turn around.


I’m not familiar with his underage years but what I saw last year and what I have seen so far this year the kid can play.

At the very least you know you are going to get a competitor.


35 possessions and 15 tackles according to:



9 day turnaround is short?


You win Post of the Day.
Have a virtual cookie.


Yep, 35 disposals (18 kicks), 15 (!) tackles, 5 inside 50’s, 1 defensive rebound. Sounds like the 19 yr old has an appetite for the ball/contest/hard work. Would be a worthy addition although Myers is probably keeping him out at the moment. Hopefully gets a chance at senior footy in 2018 to at least see whether his attributes cut it on the big stage (?)


He’s never played as a defender in our VFL team. He’s a good mark for his size, but when playing as a forward last year was pretty useless due to his poor kicking. We haven’t seen him play forward this year, so it’s hard to judge how he’d go there now that his kicking is cromulent.


At the very least, i’d rest Myers from the Melbourne game, regardless of what he does against the Pies and give Clarke a go against Melbourne.

Even if Myers backs up his form, i don’t think it would be smart to back him up 4 days later with his injury history.

Plus I think we need to stop crucifying Langford by getting him to play that sort of role.

I still think Langford can make it as a mid, but just not in that exact role they’re getting him to play.

Channeling @Killer_Mike, I would rather try Langford as a replacement for someone like Parish if they need to at some point


You will get me in trouble with the pro-Parish crowd with those types of comments Aboods :joy:


Love it


What are you trying to track him for?


Gotta get this kid in and have a look at him at AFL level.


Bring him in for the Melbourne game.


Why am I only just finding out he’s wearing Reimers number?