#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing




Hehe, that was fun.


Is that a new record? Only took 18 months to lose his “Welcome to” tag


For those that have watched him, is there any bit of Tom Mitchell about Dylan?


Oh man. the one full-time clearance mid we’ve drafted in 5 years and the shocking reveal: he’s still a half-back. You’ve just destroyed him on Blitz forever.


He had a good - surprisingly good, from what I read of match reports - B&F finish though. Rewarded for something…


Some similarities in size and the way they play but Mitchell kicks more and is classier.

I think Clarke projects to be a similar player to priddis but obviously not that good.

Clarke is your typical workhorse that brings others into the game and can disrupt the opposition.

The one thing he can bring to our lineup is the ability to put the clamps on the opposition around stoppages and prevent those easy take aways and run-ons that clubs can have against us.

He’s blue collar.


I like Blue Collar.


Clinton Jones 2.0


I know it’s not sexy but he will make the opposition earn every possession around stoppages.

Despite how awful his kicking can be it doesn’t look like it effects his confidence.

I think he would appreciate the step up to AFL.


Who’s ahead at the moment? Mutch or Clarke?


I’ve always liked Clarke more but Mutch has different qualities.

Mutch was better last year and Clarke has started better this year.


To be fair Mutch has been injured.


Mutch is everything hams promised but with 10kgs. and a right foot.


Yep, totally.

When he’s fully fit I will be interested to see if he plays more inside than he has been.

He was very good last year.


He was named and started as a HFF: then he mostly nicked off downfield to get the ball (and scored nothing).


I think it’s fair to say the VFL b&f results can be a little bewildering at times.


I always thought Mutch reminded me of Sidebottom


nowhere near the pace.


Mutch reminds me of Picken