#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


Bit of an overreaction Chris.

Clarke isn’t going anywhere.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the debut him first before announcing a new contract.

Damage control 101 for this season.


The worry is considering how bad out skills are at the moment, is another guy who struggles to kick going to work?


How long have they been picking Myers? The time to put a line through blokes who cannot kick is before the draft…


I hope so.


He’s shown more than enough improvement in such a short time and he’s basically the only traditional in and under player on our list.

I’m sure they will keep him.


Play this fkg bloke RIGHT NOW

Who am I kidding. IN - MYERS


It just dawned on me that Clarke wasn’t part of the trio signing - he was drafted in the same year.

Obviously it doesn’t mean anything unless he’s planning to pull a Morgan?


His brothers there so a possibility if he doesnt think the club rates him and Nth have shown an interest. Perhaps the club still have concerns about his kicking and have only offered a year extension.


I generally don’t agree with km in relation to footy conclusions. Buy Clarke’s kicking is significantly improved. Almost a fluent action that looks comfortable and regularly hitting targets.


The more I watch Clarke the more I like him.

Knows how to find space and demand the ball. Sums up situations very well and can hit targets well by hand or foot.

Not even qtr time but he’s done really good things already.

Just a classic footballer.


Surplus to requirements right now. We have Myers!!


With predicted rain this is a great opportunity to play Clarke.

Just bring him in for farks sakes Wooosha!


Listened to something Jimmy Bartel said today about how we don’t have any true inside mid. All our current inside mids are more your second receiver rather than the absolute handball inside beast. From the sounds of it Clarke fits this bill perfectly and must come in.


Farken Amen!
Everyone can see that so why cant the selection committee?


This week is perfect for him


Go head to head with the best Inside Mid in the comp.

If he shows any sort of competitiveness against Cripps it’s a massive win.

I’d certainly back him more against Cripps than any other midfielder we have in the team atm.


But what about Myers?
Is he invisible or something?

Oh… yes that’s right he is.


Nah we see him, he’s just ■■■■


After what the club dished up on Saturday I think we may see another debut!

Hopefully it’s Clarke.


TBH in Myers’ defence, albeit he has had loads of injuries but we completely fked up his development by playing off the HBF for the better part of the first 7 years of his career.

He was drafted as a mid, should have been developed as a mid, but yet we played him as a HBFer.

And now we draft HBF to play inside mid. Go figure.

“THIS CLUB IS ■■■■■■”