#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


I watched at least part of the game against Norf. Clarke doesn’t seem to go on the bench. He goes to almost every stoppage, and is quite clearly not an impact player, but has the tank to rack up numbers over probably 90+% game time.

A lot of mids cannot run in the midfield for 90+% TOG, Players like Mitchell can. They get that extra 20% of disposals every game partly because of this. Mitchell turns a 30 disposal game of some other mids into a 36 disposal game .

Clarke is not short ( 187cm ?) but has a long body and short legs, so he finds it easier to pick up the ground ball than say a Langford. The short legs also allow a lot of lower body leverage, so he blocks and holds off opponents very well, at least at VFL level, arguably better than Langford in that regard. The ability to get in front of an opponent and hold them back or to one side is crucial, as it the understanding with the ruckman.
Its something I saw numerous times in the stoppages in that game and he seemed to have a range of opponents.
Clarke is also quite a fierce tackler and scrapper. Thats something we lack on the inside at AFL level right now.

Our current strategy is to run many players through the midfield, so that it confuses the opposition ( lol), and provides a constant flow of fresh legs in there. But do we train these players as inside extractors ?
These other players like Fanta, Green, Laverde, even Mc Grath are just not suited to that type of play and just don’t spend enough time doing it under game conditions to become good at it.

Finally there was comment about what Bartel said about his assessment of the list.

Yes, well we have Myers, he is getting a respectable number of clearances but he can only do 70% TOG.

Agree with Bartel, we need more extraction power at the coal face, Clarke is one, and he has the tank to keep going and keep us competitive when we run out of true inside options because they are resting on the pine.


Would like someone who can handball naturally and on both sides. Something Myers can’t do.


Myers doesn’t even spend 50% of the time on the ball!

(Which I guess makes his clearance numbers impressive.)


So are you saying we need Myers & Clarke?
Clarke is a running machine. Fingers crossed he gets a crack this week


Numbers might be good. Quality of clearances are ■■■■


Most clearances in general are.


With the weather I’d be bringing in two smaller players for Joe and even give another tall a rest Stewart, just don’t see the point in flogging him for no reason. Comes in fresh to play CHF next week.

Play a small forward line and stringer as the focal point. Really try for a running and hack footy game just moving the ball forward contest after contest. Clarke would be perfect this week, Langford too as he doesn’t fumble as much.


ehh wrong thread but,

Now’s the time for the LAV n LANG show

FANTA (swapping with LONGY on a wing/mid)

forward line


Call me crazy but i think Myers and Clarke could compliment each other quite well. Clarke gets the scrap to Myers, uses the big body to get out a clearance.

If we must persist with Myers (and his clearances are respectable), put someone inside with him that will compliment his game style. Let Clarke do the grunt work and tackling, Myers to clean up.

Geez this coaching game is easy!


Get ball.

Take slow, awkward step to the left.

Don’t look.

Hoof it high and long.


does he tackle?


You’re crazy


I would rather Langford comes in instead of Clarke (if I was choosing just one). I think there is a good chance of both


I thank the honourable member for their question. In fact, yes he does. He has had 10, 15, 7 and 5 tackles this year. The recent slump I attribute to North of Melbourne’s inability to possess the football this past weekend.

Those first two efforts, I further note, were game highs.

The members on the other side of this place would have you believe there is no problem: they say “this is fine”. Well, I say “this is not fine”. We must take action, and not just in the fullness of time. I say, we must take action now.

I do hope both sides of this place can come to agreement on this, and let me make one thing perfectly clear: fark Carlton.


Who the fark is getting our clearances?


So he can lay a tackle and also apply pressure, I can now see why he isn’t getting a game.


I would like Dylan Clarke to be named in Essendon’s 22 to play Carlton on Saturday please and thank you.

Did I do it right?


Almost, you just need to slag someone off as part of having your opinion. A player, coach, club official, another poster, anybody will do really.


yeah do what the gadget operator says.


I wonder what the excuse will be to not play Clarke this week.

Tackles and gets clearances something 4 all Australians can’t do in the seniors.