#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


He has a surname for a first name… never been a fan


Joel ‘smithy’ Corey


is this guy any good? who does he play like that is currently on an AFL list?


I haven’t paid any attention to the AFL for at least five years, so don’t ask me!


Somewhere between Rhys Palmer & Matt Crouch




Anthony Miles at the tigers


Z.Merrett to a wing
Heppell, Clarke, Parish in the centre
McGrath on other wing

Zaka, Myers, Guelfi rotate from the bench

Smith & stringer rotate from forward line


Lol,very good.


Somewhere between Mark Bolton and Nat Fyfe.


honest to god who gives a ■■■■ about his disposal, it in no way can be any worse than hepp, hurley zaka.

i’d rather watch him butcher it and put in the effort he seemingly does, than watch the prima dona senior players just coast around and miss targets anyway.

bring him in damnit.


I agree with you


It can be and it is. By a long way from what I’ve seen.


He will be in.

You can bet Mark Stevens house on it.


I don’t know. Dustin Martin seems to go ok.


Never come across Dustin as a surname.


Slim Dustin…?
my old man’s a Dustin?


who cares about his disposal? as long as he gets it out to an outside player


Dylan is a Welsh first name. Zimmerman ripped off his new surname from Dylan Thomas.


Well, there you go… didn’t know that.

Ok, bring him in for the farkCarlton game then.


Don’t the Welsh have a tradition where the 1st born son is given a surname as a christian name?