#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


No…they’re all called Dai.

They distinguish people by their occupation, eg Evans the butcher, Evans the miner, Evans the baker.


My mistake. Having now looked it up, it is a NorthEast England tradition.


So you’re Welsh! That’s how you came to be Noonan the grumpy old carnt.


As in Reboot the Tasmanian.

Sorry…ex-Tasmanian. Did you leave the other head behind?


He did. I use it as a dog toy.


Shaw puts up a case for selection of Dylan Clarke. Worsfold is just not interested.

Dylan Clarke…say hello to Brett Kirk There is no justification as to why ( with Dons 2-5 and sitting in bottom 4) Dylan Clarke cannot be looked at. He has form, outstanding fitness, relentless in his attitude and Essendon lack midfield depth. If Essendon wanted to add a ‘run with’ player, he is ideal as he can work both ways. It’s almost that, after a year and 7 games in the system, there is a pure development obligation to look and assess

Rd 1: 30 disp, 10 tkles, 5 clrs 7 I50’s Rd 2: 35 disp, 15 tkles, 5 i50s Rd 3: 31 disp, 7 tkles, 8 clrs, 6 I50’s Rd 5: 30 disp, 5 tkles, 6 clrs, 4 I50s

He’s hungry and ready to go, AND more importantly he has CHARACTER.

He’s a very awkward kick but that should have no bearing on selection providing he is efficient. If he constantly turns it over at VFL level…then fair enough. Now Google Sydney’s Brett Kirk record, a bloke that ‘couldnt kick 25m’. Ignored because of his kicking ( but never missed a target) and finally taken at the age of 22-23 as a mature age rookie. Ugly but efficient.


It has become very clear why Shaw couldn’t write for our club website anymore.


Worsfold: Pass!


I command Woosha to NOT under any circumstances play Clarke.


Just [email protected] play the kid Woosha!


No doubt he will get picked when his form drops off, that way he will prove them right for not playing him now


Love to see him get a run of 6 or 7 games, more than anyone else on our list.
(except for Francis)


Should be in. Seen him play a bit of junior footy and I know his strengths will translate to AFL. Reads it well and has good hands, doesn’t need to be a super kick, he will hit handball targets in close regularly and start the spread. Is a must in next week in place of Myers


Can’t believe he’s not playing already.


Either can I. I get the knocks on him but he cannot be worse than what’s already playing and from what little I have seen he goes in hard, which is something we have lacked.


can’t wait for him to have an ‘average’ game of 25 touches 5 tackles.

and not be called up because hes not smashing the door down like the ■■■■■■■ hulk meeting bullshit kpis.


He’s got personality KPI’s to work on, such as helping the eldery to cross the road to get his GOOD BLOKE core objectives up.




I’m trying to remember a time where there has been such a glaring hole in the senior side, and we’ve just refused to play an in-form kid who has the credentials to play the exact role required.

Maybe in 1994, when we had no forward line and Scotty Cummings was kicking 10+ a week in the VFL? Took Sheeds half a year to play him.

Clarke in, should be the first selection made next week.


And Cummings debuted with 8 goals and a “Scott Cummings Fan Club” banner behind the goals…