#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


Heard he had an amazing first half. Can anyone tell me how his second half went and should we expect him to come in?


I think Myers deserves a consistent run at it.



Stop us hitting F5 for another day or so and tell us Clarke’s stats… thanks!


is this guy as slow as much?


Clarke recorded a very high score on the beep test at the draft combine. This and above average agility enables him to get from contest to contest during chaos ball scenarios.
It enables him to put in 2,3 and even 4 repeat efforts in and around packs, playing almost exclusively in those contested situations, and his endurance enables him to play for more time on ground so he is able to contest more stoppages and pick up his average of about 30 disposals each match.

He is not a Dangerfield, with explosive acceleration. He wins his own ball and gets it out to team mates by hand. No, he is not fast, but he is faster than Myers and similar in speed to Mutch imo.


I just watched a replay of the first half - Clarke must have had 20+ possessions easily.

The most natural and instinctive inside midfielder on our list.

And I counted 6 intercept marks to Francis in Q2 alone - which, if I didn’t miscount, must be some sort of record.


absolutely gobsmacked.

whos been working on his kicking? think of all the players we draft with decent skills that go backwards. he is the complete opposite and then some. accurate, punches it, hits targets. compared to that terrible action he had beforehand.


He played very well indeed, clearance machine.

Needs to be brought in.




Internals has him at 25 at halftime, 35 3/4. Not sure he quite got to 40 - I’ll guess 38 :wink:




Dayum, that’s quite a run young Dylan’s having. Now I’m almost certain he’s gonna get a call up before the end of next season.


ok. If he got 38 tackles then I’m guessing he only had time for 53 possessions.


If he’s not in this week, it’s time to riot!


I think he’s a certainty to play this week after the Carlton debacle.

Unfortunately I dont think they will have the guts to play both Clarke and Langford in the same midfield against Geelong so Langers will have to bide his time for another ten weeks.


Lose to the bottom team

Out Mutch
In Clarke

“Yeah look we’re cautious about playing too much youth but if you stick with us for 12 or 13 more rounds you might see another debutant”


That’s what I think may happen.

Try and dazzle and bamboozle the supporter base with a debut and continue to play the underachieving senior players.


An inside ball-magnet who does the hard things and chases, tackles, and smothers? Nah, no room for a player like that in our team.


This bloke is a stoppage specialist and he just goes contest to contest to contest.
running machine.
Yes he does do some dinky loopy kicks, but at worst they are 50/50 balls which isnt bad for our forwwardine. His release Hand ball and pressure around stoppages and willing the ball forward was the best at VFL, He also can find space and link up in general play…
Surely woosha must realise this is the guy who can change our fortunes in the middle of the ground…


This is no joke, this will legit happen come Thursday evening