#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


The two have built cohesion and would be more confident if they came in together. Langford gets spoken down to and positioned by others when he plays seniors but if him and Clarke came in together they’re more likely to play their natural game. They would have a better output coming in together.
Who are we kidding though, no way Woosha brings both in let alone be at the the same stoppage.


Both Clarke and Langford have earned their spot.

Langford in particular I give a big tick to as he’s not dropped his bundle in the two’s. That’s good character and should stand him in good stead for finally stepping up and putting in performances that demand he stays in the seniors. He doesn’t have to do a Ronke but I want him to hit in hard and present all day long.


Totally agree.

They need responsibility of owning the midfield and being accountable.

Langers when he has come in doesn’t have confidence because the role he plays is different to the one he plays at VFL level and more suited to his style.

Clarke is the beast/enforcer and Langford is the class.

Together they compliment each other and they need opportunities to adapt at the next level.



( can someone finish that off for me)


One very good sign is that Clarke seems to play better in more heavily contested games. He appeared to be down last week against North, when the going was easier, but in both the Williamstown game ( wet as) and yesterday, he arguably performed better, while others “star” against weak opposition. ( which is fair enough)

Edit. Did I say he was down last week ? Still had 30 disposals. and 6 more than that yesterday.


Dinky loopy kicks? anyone seen our captains kicks this year?


I wasn’t having a go at him…aiming to say at worst his kicks were creating 50/50 contests
and I think all his other attributes still make him a worthy inclusion.


Official stats

38 disposals (27 in the first half)
7 marks
6 tackles


Damn it 6 tackles… well below his average of 9 so far😀


Isn’t there some sort of clause in our constitution that if you get 40 touches in the 2s and get overlooked for senior selection you are legally allowed to assassinate all the selectors?


11 in the 2nd half?

delist not making kpis.


Jerrett had 35. I presume they actually played him on the wing, you know, his best position.

Not calling for his recall btw, though he’ll probably get it and he’ll probably disappear in a forward pocket again.


Jerrett was high half forward


Get this 19 year old wrecking ball into the side asap!


kicking, although way better, is still a work in progress, but I’d give him a shot anyway. Everything else appears to be ready, and we crying out for a player of his type.


I’d bring both Clarke & Langford in.


while a work in progress, haven’t see a turnaround like this since jobe.


Yep. Just goes to show; you can improve someones kicking.


He has to be picked.


Yep, now Neeld is gone surely this guy gets a game.