#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


Fark! I didn’t know he was going THAT well.

So he’s in form PLUS he’s exactly the kind of wrecking ball we need to get into the mix.




If you know who they are…


Clarke has one thing over most at EFC. He was drafted as a pure mid. Not a hbf or a Hf. Not even a back pocket. Our obsession with turning players into something that they were not when U18 is maddening. Clarke knows how to win the ball, run from contest to contest and defend an opponent. He’s been doing it for years. He doesn’t need reprogramming.






This is what we all wanted from last years trade/draft season.

An inside midfielder who can

  • Average 30+ possessions a game
  • Average 15+ contested possessions a game
  • Average almost 10 tackles a game

I’d love to see his clearance numbers, but I suspect they would be 6+ a game.

He is what we all asked for, and yet he is rotting away in the VFL.


No mention of Clarke in the ‘who put their hand up?’ Segment on the AFL site.

I swear the football world is conspiring against us!


Surely you have realised by now that the AFL know exactly nothing about football.


Bring him in and play him in the guts.



He wasn’t playing the exact same role, admittedly, but Clarke versus last year:

  • DreamTeam 77–>126
  • Disposals 18–>33
  • Kicks 7–>14
  • Tackles 5–>9
  • Inside Fifties 3–>5
  • couldn’t kick–>perfectly cromulent


I envisage him becoming a Tom Mitchell like extractor at AFL level. Do you think he has another level in him once he gets his chance?


has a sensible haircut, so how could he not?


Is leading the vfl in disposals and can’t get a game in the shittest midfield in the league

Good god


Makes you wonder what the heck is going on.



Yeah yeah,but the most important,most crucial thing is-
Does he have a good character?


Well that’s not gonna fix our second half woes then is it!


Could say we gave him limited minutes to keep him fresh for the Geelong game on Saturday :wink: