#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


tier: i want to believe.


Can’t wait to see him play forward pocket against Geelong


Wouldn’t surprise me.


Welcome to your first game of AFL, would you like Danger, Selwood or Ablett as you opponent for the day!

I’d play him on selwood and say this is who we want you to become go learn!


I’d say, go out and beat him.


Do you really want him playing like Selwood? Really? Every possession he goes looking for high contact. ■■■■ that.


and how many free kicks does he get again?


Just don’t bring him in and play him in the forward pocket :joy:

Midfield would love to see him crack in against Selwood this week.


Umm, yes. He is a champion of the game. Frees or not, he is a hard inspirational player.


I reckon Smith would appreciate playing alongside Clarke.


I’d play him on Selwood and instruct him to rip that ■■■■■ head off every time he ducks for a free


My observation was that in 2017 we had 3 or 4 players ex AFL level with midfielder credentials and Langers who outranked him. But in order to correct his kicking they played him as a high half forward, where it is necessary to kick more often. Even so he did play at stoppages every so often.


Last year it was mostly Bird, Langers, Howlett and then a rotation of guys like O’Brien, Hocking(at times) and then Myers for the short time he was there.

Waisted a year with Bird and Howlett in there in my opinion but the club did the right thing and found alternative roles for Hocking and O’Brien.


Watch him finally get selected and play on the wing or hf, while we watch Zaka try to get a clearance or Myers try and get an effective kick away.


Agre. KM. At the very start of the season, Clarke did spent a lot more time at stoppages, but Bird was the dominant inside midfielder in those first few games and I guess that was to be expected given that Clarke was fresh from U18 level.

Fast forward to 2018 and Clarke is unquestionably in the top 2 or 3 inside mids in the VFL, which includes a lot of tough and experienced midfielders from unaligned clubs like Williamstown, Port and Frankston and the AFL clubs developing mids and older depth players.


Clarke is a beauty.

He’s the type of player that you wouldn’t even bother sending a tag too because of the style of football he plays.


Reminds me a lot of Ben Cunnington and that’s exactly what we need.


Didn’t Paul Roos say Cunnington wasn’t AFL standard at one point. ? Roose probably wouldn’t say that now.


On the current form of AFL senior players he deserves to get a game. You need to reward form and application. You really have to ask what was holding him back given Guelfi and Mutch got games. It was interesting that Lloyd mentioned him as someone who deserves a game.
Having said the above, I hope people dont expect too much of him once he does get his break.


Well said. Your use of the word cromulent embiggens your whole post.