#37 Nic Martin - all of the extension, pls

he was, and essentially after the saints coaching group considered shutting him down, they decided against it on the basis that they didn’t believe they were being hurt going back the other way.

ie heaps of possies but not very damaging.


Also lots of times when the Saints didn’t have possession.

Just watched the replay today, one of the only insightful things the commentators said on Kayo was that Martin was taking high risk low reward options. He just needs to get the balance right.

Talking about the commentary they totally got the hole narrative wrong from half time. Continually talking about how the Saints couldn’t find the killer punch. It should have been the Saints holding on to dear life. We were obviously the better side for at least 3 quarters.

I don’t know about 3 qtrs. They had us on the ropes for a long period of the second (despite 2 quick goals in the middle) and we only wrestled back some control in the last 5 minutes.

Regardless I’ve found this to be easily the most entertaining match of our 3 so far

Disagee. We wrestled the lead off them in the last 5 minutes, but we wrestled control off them long before that. The wrestle began straight after half time and we had control of all the last quarter.


I’d say the second quarter, we were putting a lot of pressure on the ball carrier and instead of acknowledging that the commentators went on saying the Saints had no respect for our tackling and we’re casually handballing it around. A perfect example of this was when Durham put in three tackles in about 10 seconds from a centre bounce. The commentators just wanted to bag out the Edge.

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To be clear I was talking only about the second quarter there and the assertion we dominated for 3 quarters


Okay that is clearer now.

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This guy needs to be dropped. Cannot tackle and no defensive accountability. Kicking skills are overrated.

Take a spell TomsDons.


30+ possessions but when they have it in their half he just runs around in no man’s land while opponents get the footy.

Funny how mass was dropped last year for being poor defensively, yet was still a good kick

Martin is even worse defensively, and does nothing with his disposals

Either play him on the wing instead of the coaches pet Kelly, or don’t play him at all

Blitz: “What happened to Martin? He used to be one of our only good players?”

Bombers Brains-trust: “Yeah and we fixed that. We didn’t sit on our hands all summer”

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I’m beginning to wonder if everyone who didn’t draft Martin was right.

What do we actually get for his possessions? Even the ones last year when he was wing.

We certainly get ■■■■ all out of him defensively.

You what?

He’s never played defence in his whole life until this fantastic football club decided it was a good idea.

He’s a mid forward who kicked 5 on debut against that years premiership winner.


What a ridiculous thing to say, he was very damaging with his disposals last year.


When he was on the wing last year? Try 20 goals and 20 goal assists or thereabouts.

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I thought his disposal was very tidy last night - I can see how he has improved over four games and could be a very solid half back with some more work in his defensive game.

However, I think we really miss him up the field. The only ones currently kicking lasers into the forward line are Merrett (whose kicking was bit off last night), and Caldwell (but not often enough). The others (e.g. Hobbs, Kelly) were mostly doing long dump kicks, and because we have no crumbers, the ball just pings back out. A further problem is that this discourages the forwards from being on the move, and creating space for each other to lead into; instead they just set up for the big bomb. This then become a cycle of impotence, because if the forwards are stagnant, then the kickers have no choice but to send it long on top of imaginary-2MPs head.


This is just what it boils down to. In a team with not great delivery inside 50, it’s ludicrous to play one of, I’d not the best, deliverer inside 50 off half back.


Probably get attacked because biltz in enraged after a bad loss, but he was good last night, you can see him building with each game.