#37 Nic Martin - all of the extension, pls

The only stat that matters for Marto is how many times he tucks the ball under his arm, because that’s when things happen.


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Best nickname since Myers-ey.

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I thought Martin had a (for him) poor game. Too many kicks completely missed and resulted in turn overs.

One coach gave him zero votes, the other gave Green 0 votes. And one gave Redman 4 and Durham 0, while the other was reversed. I would be fascinated to know which coach did which.


I reckon it’s Adam Kingsley:
5 Nic Martin (gee that guy’s playing better than I have ever seen him play before)
4 Sam Durham (gee that guy’s playing better than I have ever seen him play before)
3 Kyle Langford (just a correct appraisal of a good game)
2 Sam Taylor (appreciation of ST playing well on the way back from injury)
1 Ben McKay (correct appraisal of a good game)

Brad Scott
5 Kyle Langford
4 Mason Redman (playing better than other games this year)
3 Tom Green (Why could none of our players tackle this guy)
2 Matt Guelfi (great effectiveness in attack and great following instruction in defence)
1 Ben McKay


He runs hard to always create an option for the ball holder, which is often used. This causes headaches for the opposition coach.


The coaches votes are insufficient to conclude they had polarised views.
1 coach had him best on. The other may have had him anywhere between 6th or 46th best.

6th best on ground is not poor, and would not be remotely close to polar opposite to best on.


That coach must have just read the stats sheet.

How quickly people have forgotten Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish.


Aaaaand I’m off him.

Form has been fluctuating from fair to poor all year. Find a way to get him out of the team.

Mentally off. Could be anything. 4 points. Moving on.

He was very poor tonight.
Worst game for the year for me.

End the experiment.
Ridley is back. Wing stocks are drastically reducing.


Pls end it

Please don’t ruin this guy Essendon.


His kicking was wretched all night

Defending was poor all night

His worst game for the year

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Every time he has gone forward of the ball this season he has been great. About 50/50 when he has been back.


Does he have negative metres gained?

578m gained…
Goes to show it’s not a very accurate measure sometimes

I need to change my avatar

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