#38 Sam Draper

soccer players usually have good footwork with side steps and faints.

I’m excited for the young fella

Sam Draper Highlights

South’s Sam Draper completes Standing Vertical Jump at the AFL State Combine



Sam Draper

Draper on the left

Round 18 Macca’s Cup MVP Sam Draper (South)

Drape the sash

After seeing Petrie selected… the end of the rookie list\draft can’t come soon enough.

That said… welcome sam to etc!

Drape the sash

Has anyone made a Don Draper joke yet?

Don Draper.

Calling it.

Don Draper

Yep, his nickname HAS to be Don.

The tennis player who turned golfer who has now turned footballer with a soccer background?

Alot to work with here. Solid pick.

8mnths playing footy?

Farkin skills

Those highlights are pretty impressive. considering his afl background is non-existent.

Nice get by the looks & what stands out to me is even though he doesn’t seem to get far off the ground he really times his jump in the ruck and when marking nicely.

Huge upside imo

that interviews a ■■■■■■. seems like he’ll make the most of this opportunity. kinda excited. all my lamenting from friday has fizzed out. excited about the midfielders we got (especially kobe) and excited for this lad.

Toys R Us just lost an employee!

Jebus great lump of a lad and those are some great taps.

Good pick up.


Great Interview, you can hear him smiling when he’s speaking.
I’m excited about this kid