#38 Sam Draper


This thread teetering on the brink of panic.


Yes, I wouldn’t have high expectations though


He could. And he’d give you 100%. But he’d get slaughtered. He’s coming along beautifully, but remember this is a kid coming from a standing start, who is barely at the start of his development. His tap work is ok to good on a good day, not much chop on an off day. His tank is good, and his speed for a big guy is elite. His biggest problems at this stage are his kicking (which is much like his tap work), and his positioning around the ground. He just doesn’t automatically know where or when to go yet. But he’s a sponge as far as learning is concerned, he’s a big, powerful unit, and he’s a superb athlete, so he will get there. Needs Loony to stay another year and continue teaching him on the ground on game day like he has been. Trouble is that some people are latching on to him like they latched on to Francis, and way overstate where his development is at. Needs time. 12 months I’d say before you’d feel comfortable giving him AFL game time.


I think he could, yes.
His ruckwork is more than OK. Throw him in the ruck, and he’ll win a fair few taps and put a few of them in good places.
It’s everything else that still needs work. Positioning (outside the ruck contest), kicking, marking etc.

But nothing to worry about with his rucking

If he got a game I wouldn’t be surprised if he broke even in the hitouts, but he might only have a couple of useful touches around the ground.


If anybody else comes after him, they’re not going to put him in the seniors, like Jenkins was.

He should be promoted to the senior list though. Rookie list should be abandoned.


Just promote him and say he’ll be the no1 ruck when belly retires. Belly is injury prone so no doubt he’ll get senior opportunities soon enough.


Promote him would be a no brainer for me.
But he understands where he is at in terms of his development.


He still looks a fair way off AFL standard in the games I’ve seen, but his improvement has been noticeable. I think he is at the right place for opportunities because Loony is beyond cooked and will almost certainly not be at the club next year. Belly is in his prime, but perhaps has three years left beyond this one. Sammy should be primed to take over then.


Even though he’s still on the rookie list he’s contracted til the end of 2019. As a result, if he does request to leave, it helps our bargaining power in any trade.

But maybe considering he signed a 2 year contract last year, he has no interest in leaving.


Based on that it sounds like he’d be more useful if he had to come in as main ruck, then if was brought in to play the Smack role.




If we could only keep one of Leuenberger or Draper at trade week?

Who would you go with?


The one who has a future beyond this season. He doesn’t have Leuen or berger in his name.


Point of the question?


I’d rather fail with Draper than fail with Leuenberger.


Still learning his craft and has been working on his positioning around the ground. Along with his roommates, they brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm when the team was flat at the start of the season.


So would everyone. The question must be loaded toward some particular point or it’s both ridiculous and redundant.

And really, you’d keep both, so one can learn off the other, as has been the way this year. It’s a large part of Draper’s rapid progress. Hope Loony stays another year.


I love Loony’s efforts, but DAMN that’s a dumb question.


The guy hasn’t even played a game yet. Promote him sure, but no need to promise him things he hasn’t earned or shown worthy of yet.


I’d like to give him a taste of senior football in the last couple of games, unless we are still a genuine chance of making finals.