#38 Sam Draper


It’s certainly a doozy.


Geez some panic merchants here.
Leuny has publicly said, on a few occasions, that his role this year in the Twos is to help speed up Drapers development.
That’s why Draper has actually been our number one ruck in the latter part of the year, with Leuny starting and playing forward.
A pretty ■■■■■■ clear signal to all concerned about where the club rates Draper, and he’d be in no doubt about that either.

I’ll disagree with others about his readiness to step up - he won’t dominate games for a couple of years, but his ground positioning and marking has come on in leaps and bounds. His kicking is a work in progress but his work in packs for ground balls and throwing his weight around is already very good, and better than Belly’s. Wouldn’t be the first ruckman to invariably handball rather than kick.

An odd mix of skills, given his background - if he had to play NicNat, Sandi, or Newman (ground positions), they’d would trounce him, but I’d actually back him to hold his own against Grundy or Witts for example.


For those that follow the VFL, how’s the big fella tracking? Any chance of a debut next year?


Could debut this week




IMO, he isn’t ready yet. His tap outs are good, but his positioning still needs further development.

However, he is from SA, so who knows what they may do for this last round?


I agree, but with Bellchambers out, it comes down to a farewell game to Leuey or a home debut for Draper in a dead rubber against a crippled Ryder



Exactly, doubt hooker will play


is he any closer to signing a contract? would hate to lose him


I want to see what all the fuss is about, play him.


I hope they kick four goals and have 62 hit-outs again.

I also look forward to Hartley playing ruck at Windy Hill, and bombing 70 metre goals from the middle to put us into the finals.


already contracted for 2019



Who would ruck in the VFL with us down to our 5th string ruck. New Lav? A VFL tall or as you say, Harts?


Has to play this week!


Give him a game. He isn’t ready but give him a game so he has a taste and can see what is required to give him the motivation to keep pushing over the summer and work even harder than he already is.

Club has nothing to gain by playing leuenberger


Believe ultimately whether Draper plays will depend on Leunberger - Luey may decide to give Draper the opportunity - And Port without Ryder is not much chopin the ruck.


With not much chopin the ruck it seems like an ideal time for a Draper debutssy


I’d have suggested Wagner but are Melbourne looking to trade? We could be the first to turn a back flanker into a ruck.


I know ruckmen normally rest in the forward line, but in this case, Draper could rest in the bach line.