#38 Sam Draper


It’s great that Draper is on the Liszt and could possibly play ‘2nd string’ this week. He must have progressed well practicing along side masters like Verdi.


Draper will be better than that Ruck-man-in-north


These puns are classic


We should give him a ring.


Nothing gives me the Schutz more than seeing 8 new posts, only to find a thread Hasse degraded into this.


Well if you weren’t such a debussy-body, you’d stay out of the thread.




What can I say, I’m Offenbach for more.


Can’t Strauss enough, the importance of ruck depth.




Roll over Bellchambers and give this bloke a go.


Farewell game for Leuy or a Debut for Draper. in his home state…I know which one I would rather.

Debut Draper give him a taste.

Leuy has a big job getting us to the VFL finals.


Yep gove him a taste to know what it takes to keep up at AFL level so he can take that inyo next preseason


I don’t get it


But can he beet hoven?


As long as we make a concerted effort, with limited intervention from Gil’s conductors, that’s all I ask.


With finals out, there could be A Flat performance but Draper’s youthful enthusiasm could help us B Sharp. B good to C the impact big D.


No chance




C’s not happy with this, and it’s no minor point, on the scale of things.

Anyway, would love to see Draper get a run