#38 Sam Draper


Do! I think you’ve all gone way too Fa! These puns are getting to Mi… So bad… maybe I need a rest and a cup of Ti…


What’s NLM up to these days?


Sinkin froths and flogging kents.


OK, I’ll be breve
If the team is feeling at all flat with the forced-retirement of Goodard, perhaps they should, at the minim-um, consider playing Draper. It would lift the spirits of any staff that are at all crotchet-y…


surely you could’ve fitted hemidemisemiquaver in!!!


Joey is playing?


I just hope our midfielders are up and about, it’d be classical essington if he baroque even in the ruck and we got beaten anyway.

The bellchamber orchestra is a big loss.


You can all acoustic these puns up your ar$e…


You get a lot of truth on Blitz but unfortunately most of the “info” is falsetto.


Karl orf !


EAD kochie, a piccolo one!


We need our midfield quartet to operate well, but hope they won’t be too violin-t or we’ll have to pull some strings…not hamstrings.


when are you fogies going to learn that puns suck?


Surely with Draper its curtains for Loony


I can’t see any pun there. People who hate puns are basically illiterate thickheads.


If I had a tenor for every bad pun in this thread…


All these posts made me think there had been news of a possible debut. Instead just another thread ruined by puns


One should learn to appreciate the arts.


I may be blind, but Draper has the raw materials to be the most com-pleat ruckman we’ve had for a long time. He’s beautifully valanced for a big man. Give him a game - it’s time to lift the veil…


How many 20yr old rucks are playing senior game time at AFL level?

Very few IMO, let alone one who has very very limited AFL experience growing up.

About all I can think of is Sean Darcy has been getting games at Freo due to Sandilands injury. He was quite highly touted at draft time from his junior footy.

35yr old Sandi has been re-signed for next year still because he simply isn’t ready despite playing way more games -14 - already at senior level than Draper has - 0.

Fremantle also is not going to be contending next year. We will be. We need an experienced backup who is tall enough to not get pantsed at centre bounces in particular which Smack does.