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How old was Simon Madden for his first game


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Give it a rest, man.


Well, he was born in December 1957 and debuted in 1974 (played 6 games), so I can only assume he was about 16.5 years old.

Considering Tim Watson debuted at 15, geez they used to start early!


Admittedly there weren’t the ridiculous running requirements and endurance requirements in those days. You could just go out and play football. You didn’t need two hard preseasons.


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Tommy Bellchambers was 18YO when he made his debut


Was he? Doesn’t sound right to me.


Yep AN, Tommy first played in 2008 when he was nearly 19, and Simon was nearly 17.


He debuted against Hawthorn in round 11 2008 on the Queens Birthday weekend. He turned 19 in July and although he played 9 games by the end of the 2009 season, Knights infamously still overlooked him for the no. 1 ruck spot in favor of NLM. Although 16 hitouts was his best game up to that point, so he wasn’t the lone ruckman at this stage, like is required these days and as was attempted by NLM (although Hooker was more successful in the ruck with 12 HO to NLM’s 5 and Adelaides 64).


All Bach and no bite this thread.


May have missed his AFL chance, but will need to step up in the VFL now.


60 hit outs and a goal


It was as his second/third efforts that impressed me. He often follows up his ruck contest, if no one else is in a better position.


Took a ripping contested grab yesterday which was bizarrely paid as a free against for a push when it was clearly good body work and in the chest. Coming along nicely!


I’m looking forward to less “coming along” comments in 2019, and a lot more “has arrived”.


Would be nice but he is coming from a long way back and still has plenty to learn. I’m hoping by mid year he is starting to put the pressure on Tommy


Not much chance of that.
Hopefully a satisfactory backup by years end.
And then the following year as Tommy starts to fade, Drapes is cherry ripe to take over