#38 Sam Draper


Ummm, … you know the time line on Big men historically, . right?


How’s Darcy Fort going in the SANFL? we should be looking for a stop gap assuming Leuey hangs up the boots.


You blokes are harshing on my Sammy Draper buzz.

  1. That’s pretty crazy numbers for a 19 year old at VFL level, right?


Also had a bad moment where he threw his arms up to mark the ball, and it near his his elbows… :rofl:

I’ll forgive him. He works hard.


Best ruckman in the SANFL, would be good backup anywhere and possibly better than some of the number 1 rucks at some clubs


What’s his style? Who would you compare him to?


There’s bits of Ryder about him, in that he was a blooody good tap ruckman right from the start (actually, better than Ryder on day one) and that they both struggled to rack up disposals in the ruck or forward. Recall, however, that his first game of footy was in February 2016 (!)

Difference is that Draper is definitely not laconic, he loves the second efforts at ground level if the tap didn’t work out, and he had the developed body (100+ kg) from day one that allowed him to do that fearlessly. Once the ball is roaming, though, he doesn’t get to the right spots at the right times often enough (especially as a forward).

If/when that clicks, his taps-to-advantage and reasonable clunking abilities are going to make him legit dangerous.


How about Darcy Fort?


In terms of learning his craft and where to run to as you say playing on the shoulder of elite senior ruckman couldn’t be the worst thing for his development.


So, forward then?


Which is why he has come on in leaps and bounds with Loony mentoring him throughout games.


Don’t forget Mark Jamar, the ruck coach. If he has any input into Tommy and Sams performances, imo he has done well in 2018.


Tap machine today


63 hitouts


They better start designing his MCG statue


Man Gawn credits Mark Jamar as turning him from a hopeless tap ruckman to what he has become.

Jamar is teaching Draper.

Im genuinely excited by this kid who has just got going.


You have to wonder how much influence he’s had on TBell as well.
I hope we keep Jamar for next year


Yeah for sure,as ruck coach even Luen is probably getting tips.


Excited by Draper today,