#38 Sam Draper


BoG today I thought


Leuenberger has helped in his education as well. Leuey can retire now because Draper is an adequate No 2 ruckman. if he gets fast tracked to the ones due to Belly getting injured that’s all good.


Sammy’s ruck work is fine (thanks to the big Russian) however it is the other aspects of the game he needs to work on. Once they click and become intuitive- look out!


In modern AFL if all the ruckman is doing is win hitouts you might as well run with Shaun Grigg as your #1


But Grigg doesn’t win the hitouts.


That’s the point; if your ruckman offers nothing around the ground you’re better off conceding the hit outs and playing an extra midfielder


It’s not about the number of hitouts, it’s the number to advantage. If you have a dominant ruckman that can provide say five clear hitouts to advantage per quarter, you might be surprised at just what value to a team that provides. Yes they need to do more around the ground, but the truth is, their number one job is to give the smaller, faster, better skilled players around them, first use of the ball.


Big Sam was very impressive, looks like we have a long term prospect here.


Yes, he looks like he’s still got a bit to go in a general ‘footy sense,’ and that’s to be expected.

But his actual tap work, for a second year ruckman? Holy hell. I mean, compare him to where Tbell/Ryder/Hille all were at the same age, and he is miles in front of all of them.


He’s more Grundy than Gawn. Pretty impressed by him.


You are confusing hitouts with hitouts to advantage.


So who exactly was he up against in the ruck?


Was Sunday his first time on sole ruck duties?


He’s quicker over the ground than Grundy.


Don’t get to watch much VFL but for this time of year and was super impressed with him yesterday (also last years final). Another year or two and the sky is the limit with him. We have a great ruck prospect here.


Mostly McLarty, another 2nd year ruckman.


Did it last week too: 60 hitouts, 13 disposals and a goal.


Not really.
Richmond are ranked second last in clearances and are far and away the best side currently.
Hawthorn were in a similar position during their 3 peat.

Hit outs (to advantage) and clearances are no longer the barometer they once were, hence a ruckman that can only win hit outs (even if an above average amount are to advantage) is pretty useless.
Nowadays you need another trick (15+ possessions, goal a game or a Mumford-esque physical presence) as a ruckman to be any good.


Grundy is probably the most mobile ruck the game’s seen since Dean Cox. Draper and Grundy are miles apart in style and athletic ability in my opinion.


Dean Cox mobile ; yep about as much as Harry Madden.