#38 Sam Draper


Draper is very mobile from what I have seen, I reckon he’s got tricks we haven’t seen yet either.


From the poster who said Alex Rance rarely wins a contest…


His biggest area for improvement is with ball in hand, he is just that half second off with his decision making and his kicking is limited from what I’ve seen. Everything else is more than fine.


I reckon he’s pretty handy in that regard, but more a traditional tap ruck. His around the ground stuff is neglible at the moment, so comparisons to player like Grundy are a mile off.


Hmm, think what I said is that Rance wins a contest because he rarely goes to a contest. Most of his disposals are due to marking it all alone or mopping up after others. He is a very good player and I would have him in our backline, but is not a defender who plays close on any opponent.


Yeah maybe comparing him to one of the best rucks in the game at present is a tad unfair.


They are different in style no doubt. And bear in mind Draper is just starting out. But I would back his speed against any ruck in the comp. And many KPP’s too. Sammy’s top speed on the GPS is midfielder country. Amazingly quick for such a big bloke. Just watch him in 3 - 4 years and remember this conversation.


Rance gets to more contests, and then wins those contests, more than any defender in the game. That is why he is so good. He’s not playing loose in defense. He beats his direct opponent, as well as the other forwards in his area.


I don’t know what other rucks are about, maybe we should keep the loony, that would give us tbell, smack, looney, draper, lavender, with jd only if needed.


Forgot Stringer and Ambrose


Re-draft NatRat!





Funny u mention the great man. Up in Barmah to watch my son play finals, and had a long convo with NLM’s cuz the other day, a full fledged Bomber man of course,… He’s doing OK being the upshot. Some good footy gets played up this neck of the state being another.


If we’re talking about next year, Jacobs, Witts and Grundy off the top of my head had played serious ruck minutes at AFL level in or before their third seasons.


I think that’s a load of poop, frankly.
As if any side would knock back adding Sam Jacobs or Sandi if they could. Same as they want to add Tom Lynch - despite not currently relying on goals from big forwards.

No one position or aspect of the game is the barometer, or probably ever has been.

just as surely as Richmond are winning by doing one thing, a side will come along by doing something different and knock them off.

Outside run, marking power, ruck dominance, clearance work, tackling pressure, crumbing, backline smarts and intercept marking, etc etc etc. Good sides do all of these things well, and a few of them better than anyone.


Soldo played a few last year at 20yo. Oddly enough, a similar story to Draper, late convert to the game (from basketball).

Certainly doesn’t happen often, Grundy did, Billy Longer a few years back, Tom Nicholls. L


We’re not adding Sandi or Jacobs though.
We’re talking about playing a kid who ‘might’ be a half decent tap ruckman at AFL level currently and who is unlikely to add anything around the ground.
And fwiw through the period where Jacobs has actually been good he averages ~15 disposals, and if you look at the years Sandilands has played 20+ games he’s around 15 disposals as well.
Draper this year averaged less than 11.5 disposals in the VFL.


See Blitz has this habit of “this kid has talent, he’s ready ■■■■■■■ it, play him yesterday”
Where the kid’s development is actually at tends to get ignored.


And yet he’s been a difference maker as soon as he’s actually had the job to himself.
Maybe being very, very good at his primary role (at the level he’s playing - and he’s a year off doing it in the AFL) is worth something after all?