#38 Sam Draper


Draper played significant portions of the first half of the year forward so I’m not sure how possession count is a true reflection


Yep. Would be better to look at what his average disposals have been in the ruck. Because he looked a bit lost up forward.


And yet he’s been a difference maker as soon as he’s actually had the job to himself.
Maybe being very, very good at his primary role (at the level he’s playing - and he’s a year off doing it in the AFL) is worth something after all?


He’s also averaged just over 45 hitouts in the 6 games when he hasn’t been splitting time with Leuenberger.
So there is that…


Yeah, I know what he’s done.
I also know what he still has to learn.


Draper ready? No.
Progressing nicely? Yes.
Carry the ruck load in the seniors on his own next year? Preferably not
Ready to get a taste at some stage next year? Probably.

Not sure what the controversy is in this thread


Reboot doesn’t like the suggestion that if Leuy pulls the plug that we could wing it next year and risk Draper as the main ruck depth. Whereas some of us think if we did and Draper did play games it wouldn’t hurt his development, and he’s close to being as good as any state recruited ruck would be anyway.


Not True.
I would prefer Loony stayed, but that’s up to the club and him.
I’m just a bit more realistic on where Sam is at.
But to be fair, I get to chat with the development coach, which most of Blitz don’t.


Well, I was being a kittle tongue in cheek. That said there’s been a few threads that you’ve been pretty adamantly opposed to him being our main backup next year.


He is a third year player - let alone a third year ruckman, let alone a guy in his fourth year of footy at any level.
So… plenty to learn. Of course.
After all, Bellchambers has only rounded out his game properly now at about 28; Ryder similar.

I just don’t think Draper’s as far off as you do. He looks close, physically. He’s a legitimately very, very good tap. He now seems to be starting to put himself in the right spots around the ground, he’s just a bit shaky when he does get it.
Next game against Soldo (who has played AFL, and looked alright) will be a good yardstick.


Mate, Soldo is ■■■■.
He’s got AFL stats of avg 7 disposals, 22 hitouts and 1.5 marks.
Draper is already better than that imo.

But just like Soldo, he’s not ready for the big time yet.


Hypothetical - we’re 3rd on the ladder and T-Bell goes down with an Achilles in the last match of the year.
Draper has played 2-3 games of AFL during the year.
Would you be comfortable with Draper going into a final against Grundy or Gawn?


I would love to see Draper get a run in all the senior practice matches next year to get a taste of what AFL standard is like, and set his standards accordingly.

We would learn something about him too, and will have more idea what will happen if we need him in an emergency.

If we used him against Port Adelaide in the last match as a back up, instead of Leuenberger, we wouldn’t have been any worse off.




I would say it’s very likely that Draper will be better than Looney by then, so if those are the alternatives then i’d say yes


Poor hands soldo


Not only is draper not yet ready to replace Bellchambers over a long period or for finals. But I don’t think our midfield is quite ready to be able to compensate for a significant ruck disadvantage the way some other teams are.


What happened for most of the last match against Port?


You mean the game where the port ruck was so bad our people were cracking jokes about it.


That’s the one when he was not much chopin the ruck.