#38 Sam Draper


His tapwork is excellent, his work at ground level is improving.

He needs to put some time into his disposal both hand and footskills. And he needs to work on his positioning in general play, I’d like to see him become the defensive dropper-off type of ruckman, the way Gawn was doing against Geelong and the way McEvoy usually does it for the Hawks. If he adds that to his tapwork and followup work he’ll be a top 5 ruckman before he is 25.


Changed about halfway through the year


I just want to mention that I think Leuenberger has greatly improved his forward craft since being forced to spend more time up there…it’s really surprised me…well done by the old dog!


Yeah, that looks right


Far too many sensible replies for this forum…


This. Is correct.


I’m going to disagree with Boot (again) about how unready Draper is.
(I don’t talk to development coaches either - but they’re perfectionist buggars generally - everyone always has improvements to make)

He’s a natural tap to advantage ruck already.
His marking is better than Leuny and several other AFL rucks, and is steadily improving, both in packs & on the fast lead.
His second efforts at ground level are at Firsts intensity. This shouldn’t be underestimated - too many baby giraffes never get this.
Kicking is variable - can be good can be shocking.
The biggest knock is his positioning.
Here’s where I think a McKenna comparison is apt.
Conor spent much of his first two years looking equally at sea.
Now the ruck is trickier than running off the backline but another preseason, given the positive reports of his teachability, will work wonders.

I expect him to debut next year and perform creditably.
As I said in an earlier post, by 2020 look out.

Ps we stil need a third ruck for next year - Leuny or otherwise. Two ruck injuries are not uncommon, even if only for a couple of games.


I reckon 2020 = good ruckman
2021 = look out


We’ve got Stringer now.

Personally I’m comfortable with Draper being our second ruck and playing anything up to 4 or 5 games next year. Would be a bit nervous about it if TBell went down with a long term injury.

If Looney doesn’t play on, it will be interesting to see what sort of additional guy that get. Older, physically ready guy or a young guy for development.


as in, overtaking Tbell at some point during that year?


If fit play Joey in the ruck, could win a Brownlow.


That would depend on how TBell was playing.
But at least a a similar level, where he could step in and we wouldn’t lose anything.


Absolute brilliant tap Ruckman. Needs to work on his decision making with ball in hand.


The only issue is, he hasn’t played against the top AFL ruckman, but rather second string ruckman. It can be hard to judge whether he is ready or not just on that.

His improvement over the year though has been outstanding and rather astonishing. His development has accelerated and I think he will play some time next year when earlier in the season I thought 2020 at the earliest.

He really is someone to get quite excited about.


Reminds me a bit of David Hille. Good size, has a crack. Not always super polished but will be a handy player for us.


The Hille who was pretty poor at the actual ruck, but super good around the ground? That one?


He get so close with so many grabs, hopefully he is clunking they next year.


he was rucking against duds and midgets today.
but looked good still. the goal was great


has potential
the jury is out


BnF winner and stand in captain too