#38 Sam Draper


Probably just get a straw man argument.


I reckon the right incentive would get him over the line.


Which of the one-and-a-half of Leuey’s games did everyone see as the vital one this year that means we 100% absolutely positively need to draft a backup?


We only just held on to beat Port after Leuey went down. Until that point we had been winning comfortably.


Probably more to do with Tommy 11.3 games a year Bellchambers


Belly is far from durable

Yes Draper could provide back up for a game here and there.

But the point being made is could he carry the responsibility of an entire season if Belly heaven forbid did a knee rd1?

It’s a fkn huge ask for a player yet to debut in a year we expected to feature in the finals and when your ruck plays a huge part in chances of doing so. Winning midfield battle all important and positioning around the ground to have an impact offensively and defensively also vital.


It’s not that. But worst case scenario (touchwood it doesn’t happen), Bellchambers does an ACL pre-season, misses the entire 2019 season. You’re happy with Draper being the #1 and playing 20+ games? I think he’s a decent prospect but he’s not ready to shoulder that load. We are in win-now mode. I’d happily take up a list spot with a solid ruck option who may not play more than a handful of games, but if required due to injury, etc he has to come in and play a role for us. We aren’t looking for Simon Madden here, just a ready made, cheap ruckman. If there’s someone in the WAFL or SANFL who fits that criteria, WSPHU.


We won the third quarter 6 goals to 4 (he didn’t come out for the 2nd half). The legs tired a bit late, as they would in the majority of games you’re down a rotation, but we still won by 4 straight kicks.


I’d be happier with Draper than Zac Clarke, yes. I rate him.


Our backup ruck just retired, therefore we have room to draft one backup ruck…

Kind of exciting actually to see what we can pick up


Woosha is pretty conservative with playing kids.

He will want an experienced body as backup.

I would be happy with Draper as backup personally along with Smack and Joe.


I reckon it’s a risky move but if TBell did go down with a long term injury during the offseason or early in the season there is the mid season draft now as a backup option.


I probably should keep quiet as I’m in the Draper is sufficient crowd, but I would point out we likely have to make our decisions on a ruck now during the draft period, now after the preseason and practice matches.


The only decent alternative I know out there is Tom Campbell at the dogs.

Unless we think we can get a ready made player that can make more of an instant impact than draper we shouldn’t bother.

Not ideal but draper daniher and mckernan should be able to share load between them for a season if needed.


He’s set a high standard.


Guaranteed to rack em up


I want to see Joey running before he goes rucking.


Sheil equals dominate centre clearance specialist.

Assuming we make finals do we want him?

I’d rather Mummy who can reach great HEIGHTS!



I’m also in the pro-Draper camp. But expect the club to pursue a ready made ruck to add to the rotation in the ND.


Let’s not jump the gun & put too much pressure on the lad. He is still developing. I’d be happy with 50 hitouts (to advantage) vs Brodie Grundy in next year’s ANZAC Day game (as a bare minimum). :grin: