#38 Sam Draper


I think it’s time for some good ol’ Russian collusion of our own.

Bring back Jamar!!


Hooker has experience playing a whole Elimination final in the ruck. We could always try playing him and Stringer as his backup.

But to be serious the way people have been talking about Draper’s last 6 games seems he’s better than I thought, wouldn’t mind him playing a few games to rest big Belly.

As long as nobody goes down for an extended period of time we will be fine. I prefer Daniher staying forward especially while he builds form but he can always punch hit. No idea where the coaches see James Stewart playing.

The way Ryder got Port back in the game with Luey injured showed what awaits us if 2 of Tbell or Smack/Draper goes down.

No idea how the draft looks but maybe a mature ruck who can play alongside draper for a couple years wouldn’t be too bad


Hasn’t Draper been smashing state level rucks for the last year? That’s not say that it’s not worth grabbing someone if they’re available but there wouldn’t be many ahead of where Draper is currently at


That was back in the day when he still nimble enough to jump up and pat someone on the head.


I have no problem with his ruckwork at all, but around the ground he’d be a liability at this point in time. I don’t think he’s played too many seasons of football, possibly even the season at South Adelaide was his 1st or 2nd year of playing footy before we drafted him. He’s from a soccer (goalkeeper) background. There’s a lot of learning and footy nous he needs to pick up, plus he needs to get an AFL ruckman physique, which will only come with pre-seasons in the weights room. From a List Management perspective, it would be highly negligent if all we had on the list in terms of ruck stocks for 2019 were Belly, a kid who has only played 2-3 years of football in his life as understudy, plus some pinch-hit (at best) options.


Yeah, we need a back stop / “break glass in case of emergency” ruck as I argued a couple of months ago - sadly it’s not unknown for your two first choice rucks to be injured at the same time.
Given Joey is rehabbing, and Smack may be needed there, options are required.
I reckon though that Draper will be ready as the Belly replacement or relief.
So another ruck doesn’t need to be some guy who costs us in terms of draft picks or length of contract - a break glass rookie pick only.
There’s also the NEW mid season draft isn’t there, in case of real emergencies?


Belly in career best form.
Draper’s tapwork is his strength & he has good aerobic capacity so he can follow the best rucks around & negate their efforts,
Smack & Joe are 2nd ruck options.

To get someone better than Draper, which will limit Draper’s ruck time in the 1s & 2s, is going to cost a draft pick which we should be using for the next guelfi.


Agree, we need another ruck on our list but it should be another young ruck to develop behind Draper.

Not an experienced hack who had take AFL game time away from Draper.

Worsfold erred by not giving Draper some AFL game time late in the year when it was clear we couldn’t make the Top 8.


Last 6-8 weeks of the year, yes. He took the ruck full-time and dominated.


Will need a chop out at some point


I like Mummy - he has a bit of white line fever about him.


At the very least, with Leuey out of the VFL side he can take on the No. 1 ruck mantle for the reserves. That will hopefully accelerate his education and build match fitness


Actually, I think Draper and McKernan is sufficient.

The best outcome would be if Bailey Williams somehow fell to our pick #34. But other than that, I don’t think we should use a pick on a ruck.

He’d pretty much taken it (or been given it) by the end of the year anyway.


He already was that.


Just what we need - a big mean tough man to protect all our skinnier and lighter players- we have many of those - they would walk taller with a fit Mummy walking around

However I doubt if our recruiters would pick him


Belly’s not injured yet folks.






Pies Grundy is a super talent for sure, and debuted as a 19 year old in 2013 playing 7 games for the season.

Dare I say it, 20 year old Draper’s athleticism is comparable to Grundy. They have the same dimensions 203cm, although 3kg heavier. I’d like to see Draper get a taste in 2019. Reckon he’ll acquit himself well.


Yeah right.