#38 Sam Draper


No club has a second ruckman you could say with confidence would nullify those guys. Hell, i’m Not confident TBell would. I’d be hopeful, but he’s got to play out of his skin to break even with those guys


Soldo and Smith haha. Hardly world beaters are they? Bit more experienced than Draper though. I’m not dead against Draper being our main back up I just think it’s risky


Draper is still learning how to play the game. Looks like a dear in the headlights at times, which is understandable. Huge upside though. Hopefully it all comes together for him sooner rather than later


Why this focus on “experience”? Who cares if someone’s experienced if they’re crap? Draper showed in the back end of this year that he’s performing as good or better than most of the VFL rucks going around. You say “oh, worry about the gap between VFL/AFL”, and then say “I want experience, regardless of if its State/AFL”. The reality is you’re not going to get someone who is a strong chance to take on Grundy/Gawn from DFAs and state leagues. The decision is whether or not Draper is better than the options we could pick up. Simply having experience shouldn’t be the criteria.

I also vehemently disagree with the implication behind saying you want “someone who has played at a good level as a number 1 ruckman for more than 5 minutes”, i.e. implying that Draper hasn’t done this. Do you watch the VFL? Draper was our #1 ruck for the bulk of the second half of the season and finals, and was certainly spending a lot more than 5 minutes there.

Why on earth wouldn’t we? Draper was one of if not the best ruck performer of the VFL finals. Why wouldn’t he be ready to go Round 1?


Unless there is a better option than Draper out there, I’m not sure if its that big a risk. Especially with the mid-season draft.

Probably Hawthorn.


But they were trying to get rid of Ceglar and I’m not sure how effective McEvoy is against the Grundys and Gawns who cover more ground and have him covered for taps as well.


It’s clear you feel very strongly about this. I can feel your passion! “5 minutes” is a figure of speech, not meant to be taken literally. I’m saying he is still very, very raw. I’ve seen enough to know that. I’d back someone with experience over someone without in a high pressure game such as a final. That’s the way I see it but each to their own. Did you see the Melb v Geelong final? Abbott for Geelong playing his 3rd or 4th game was a huge liability for them. ■■■■■■ it up over and over. Overawed by the big occasion? Probably. As I’ve said I’m not dead against Draper being our backup but it comes with a risk. If he doesn’t develop as we hope and expect then we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel

The last thing you quoted was in response to this


Abbott was selected over more experienced ruckmen because the more experienced had been found wanting.
You are asking for us to have a ready made replacement ruckman to play in the reserves until Tommy B gets injured. I am arguing that Draper is as good as anyone in that backup ruck position and I suspect he will get better.
If Shiel, DSmith, Zerrett and Heppell go down on the eve of the finals do we have adequate replacements ?


Stanley had been injured and wasn’t passed fit for the finals. The only reason Abbott was played.


Ryan abbott spudding it up against Max Gawn proves we need a guy with experience in a state league.
Conversely, Ryan Abbott spudding it up against Max Gawn proves it’s pointless having a guy with lots of experience in a state league.


Ask any (reasonably intelligent) Richmond supporter and they’ll say their biggest nightmare is Nankervis going down.
And it’s not like they haven’t gone after/had ruckmen (Vickery, Hampson, Griffiths, Maric, Soldo have all been on their list in the past 24 months).


And Zac Smith was available…but had been playing crap.


What happened to him is one big mystery

Absolutely tore it up early days at GC. Athletically and skill wise should have been one of league best rucks. Fell off a cliff


Looked great ‘cos he was 21 in his first year. Never got all that much better than that.


Gold Coast’s player development program says hi, from the bottom of the on-fire dumpster full of syphilitic plague rat droppings where it is usually found.


Vickery a ruck? The spuddiest spud ever!


Fixture favours big Sammy getting a taste early.
3 games with 6 day breaks. Breather. 3 games with 6 day breaks.
Can’t see Belly getting through all of these. And if he did he’d be buggered.
Can see Draper in for one of these at least to give Belly a chop out.

(Always contingent on JD and Smack fitness too)


He was never great, but he definitely had a few years (11-mid 15 maybe?) where he wasn’t full blown baked potato.


So he was half baked at best. Thanks for proving my point.


Reckon trying to mark a ball that wasn’t there in a pre-season game was a warning sign.