#38 Sam Draper


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We also need to consider that its a standard approach now across the league to poach rucks who are struggling for game time behind a #1. And they usually go for unders. By all reports Draper is happy at EFC, but we should be ensuring he sees a clear path to the ones, opportunity to play, and that we rate him.

Backing him as the #2 ruck on the list might go some way towards that. Picking a DFA such as Campbell or a state leagurer like Fort to cover Belly may discourage him.


Agree. Managing expectations is always a difficult challenge, but especially for the ruck position.

Question: do you think Belly would still be with us if Ryder had stayed at Essendon?


On the question, absolutely. We’d be doing what we did in 2013, rotating them between the forward pocket and ruck. The same structure Hawthorn used for 3 premierships and WCE just won with.

Belly & Ryder kicked 39 goals in 2013, and neither were in their prime. Belly would be playing the 2017 Hooker role, and always be fresh in the ruck. Ryder would switch. Whoever wasn’t forward would be able to position for the quick kick out of attack when we’re in F50, and we’d have one to contest the ruck there.

Can you imagine what they’d do to most club’s #2 rucks? And you would always have one fresh against a Gawn/Grundy, or if an opposition ruck is on top switch them to try a different style.


no more hermano


A Ryder/Belly, JoeyD, Stringer set up as the tall forwards would be a dangerous combination.

Maybe I’m wrong but I had a feeling that Ryder rucked better when he was the sole ruckman. That he needed that pressure to keep focused during the game. I guess it also comes down to being happy to be part of a duo as opposed to being the sole Big Cheese in the team.

It was just a curious question.


I think Ryder rucked better when he did more of the ruck, but he also got more time there as he matured. Quell surprise, he did better. But Belly was dangerous forward so it worked well.


They tended to let Belly do the rucking early in game, bang and crash opposition to wear them out and then Ryder would do more late & jump all over them with Belly more out of square.

They really were a great duo.

The Lycett / Ryder scenario at Port next year will be a good one IMO


Lets say we don’t or can’t get another ruckman. How can we optimise what we have?
Belly, Draper and Joe would be the only rucks capable of competing at centre bounces ( height skill and leap).
other stoppages can be defended better with more players around the stoppage.

Possible combos.
Belly + SMack, ( Belly all centre bounces. )
Belly and Draper ( Belly all centre bounces. )
Belly and Joe ( Belly all centre bounces. )
Draper + SMack ( Draper all centre bounces. )
Draper and Joe ( Draper all centre bounces. )
SMack and Joe ( Joe all centre bounces)
SMack and Stringer ( SMack all centre bounces)

Break Glass: Stringer ( still beat Port, even with Ryder fit) LOL


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My mail is that Ryder is on his next to last legs …He will get thru next season and then is 50:50 for 2020.

Even the PA officials are suggesting he has 30 games tops left in him.


Is your mail from @aceman because i’m sure he posted something almost identical to this during the trade period


Nope not from Aceman but I do remember him posting something to that effect as well.


That I did and that came directly from a Port official



His tap work is ready but his work around the ground in general play is not.


His work around the ground is improving but ruckman are not expected to get 30 touches.

If Bellchambers goes down Sammy will be a more than adequate replacement


With all due respect that is complete guesswork as the young man has never played at the highest level


In 3 VFL Finals Draper had 180+ taps. He is improving all of the time and by 2019 season start he will be ready as a backup for Tommy B.
I don’t believe there is anyone out there that is available that would do a better job.