#38 Sam Draper


I’m not sure why everyone here thinks Clarke is our No 2. ruckman. Draper is one of the most exciting talents on the list. If Belly is unavailable Draper is the man !


Probably as it’s:

Draper - 0 AFL games experience


Clarke - 101 games experience, likely including AFL/WAFL finals with a strong understanding of structures/where to run given so long under Lyon

Draper is certainly progressing well but I’m not sure he’s ahead of Clarke yet, if so we might well have taken a development player to be in our ruck squad instead of someone experienced.


Until Draper shows his ability around the ground, Clarke will be ahead of him. A liability around the ground is a bigger issue than a 10% drop in hit outs.


Do you even watch the twos ? Draper is developing yes but improving at the rate of knots around the ground. I think you are overestimating Clarke’s impact on games as well. He has done very little in 101 games that suggests that he is up to a No 1 Ruckman position,.


would think the season proper Clarke will be ahead. for the JLT series, Draper as no.1 ruck could be a massive step up for his development.


There is a fight for spots.

May the best man win.


Well connected to the twos, and Drapes is not ready yet. Quite possibly by years end, but certainly not at the beginning.


I think we are in an excellent situation if Belly goes down or loses form - we have two good options. One that’s experienced, and one that’s raw but very exciting to see how he goes.


Zac Clarke will be 29 at the start of next season. Now, I am not ageist or anything, but we have had a chance to see his body of work over a decade now. Sammy Draper, on the other hand, is 20. Zac isn’t gunna suddenly become an All-Australian ruckman (although I reckon he will be serviceable), however, Sam is rapidly developing and has massive potential. I’m backing the young lad in. I hope he breaks through for a few games in 2019. Go, Sammy, go!


We didn’t draft Zarke because we thought he’d become our number 1 ruck, let alone an AA calibre one. We recruited him so he would give us a backup for Bellchambers, allowing us to prioritise Sam’s development at whichever level the coaches believe is best.

Clarke is 30 years old, the club knows this, in fact I’d say it’s apart of the reason why we targeted him; he’d be of no long term threat to Draper, making it less likely he’d be lures elsewhere.


we have to remember clarke hasn’t played for a proper afl club yet, so we may bring something out of him saints football couldn’t


Valid point, he also had Lyon as his coach.

If we made a decent footballer out of Smack perhaps we can make one out of Zac too.


look how much better and happier stringer, smith and saad look at a real club


Just so we’re clear - he is 28.
He will play season 2019 at age 29
In 5 years time, he will be 33
10 years ago, he was 18
Draper is very impressive


I still maintain we drafted Zlarke because a serious flag tilt needs three rucks over a full season.
You don’t want to finish outside the top four because Belly has a calf strain at the same time as Draper has a busted finger, leaving Nathan Lovett Murray as your ruck for three weeks
(And playing Smack / Stewart/ Stringer as a full time ruck would seriously ■■■■ with your forward structure)


Yes I agree, very dangerous to be left with just 2 ruckman, Hawthorn have often had 4.

I think Zlarke was initially drafted as the first backup, he’s just being quickly overtaken by Draper quicker than expected though.




Depends if you think the club is always right or, like me, you think they’re too conservative with most of these kids pushing through.


I would certainly have agreed with you before the pre season, I thought he was very promising but still a long way off. I think he’s now much more confident with his extra size and strength and using it to great effect. He’ll learn a lot more around the ground skills following around a top AFL ruckman rather than some plodder in the 2’s. Even in the preliminary final he was often matched up with Jok Jok - not much to learn from there.


I can accept that Worsfold likes to play experienced players. He does have a leaning towards putting the best team on the park for that individual game. He does like the kids to force their way into the team, as opposed to being gifted the opportunity.

I do personally admit to being frustrated at times by the week by week selections.

However, in hindsight, which kids did not get an adequate opportunity to display their abilities in 2018?