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Plenty of time for practice then.


Sram Daper


Pram Diaper


Jordan Ridley and Dylan Clarke came into the side when we played Geelong.

The dynamic of the team changed instantly.

For the first 8 weeks of 2018, it was like watching The Australian cricket selectors butcher the selection for each Test… and constantly going to the same well for the same players, and not getting a satisfactory result with the same guys.


That’s a simplistic way of looking at it


Round 13 “that guy’s just not ready”
Round 16 “now he’s ready”

How can that be anything other than someone’s opinion?


No. They weren’t in the coaches’ best 22 either.

My opinion is the fact they were given some games indicates that their years of experience in our system made them a better option than less experienced guys who might have more raw talent or had started to show something.

This year though I can’t see any guys like Dea or Jerret getting games. Baguley and Myers will be scrutinized of course due to age but whoever gets opportunities to replace best 22 players will all be decent options.


Tell me who the crappy players were who got dropped for Clarke and Ridley, never to play again?


Dea has been at the club since 2016, same as Redman.


OUT : Hurley, Mutch, Myers, Parish, McNeice

IN : Dea, Dlarke, Langford, Guelfi, Ridley

Well you did ask.


The worm had started to turn before then, that was just when it started to solidify, rather than patches.

I’d argue the biggest single factor that came into play was dropping/resting guys with niggling injuries and/or poxy form: Daniher, Myers and Parish were pretty bad up til that point and Hurley had picked something up too.

We should IMO be more confident to replace anyone underperforming with younger guys, if they’re fit and firing. It’s really not the end of the world.


Well, certainly Jerrett is up against it to be selected this next season (since he’s not on the list).


This is why the mid-season draft is needed.


Yep. Carlton loss was one of those days where they couldn’t miss, and we couldn’t kick straight to save ourselves.

Regarding replacing underperforming players, I’d argue that the list is strong enough that we should force ourselves to make 2 changes each week regardless of the overall team performance or result.


If Francis played GC & Freo in Rd’s 17 & 18 we would of played finals and imo we would of gone deep.
Would of torn Hawthorn a new one with a couple of extra games under his belt.


RoCo would not like that post.


Enthusiasm of young players is very much overlooked. It’s contagious. Often those young players don’t have a great game, but it often brings vibrancy into the squad.

I question EFC supporters who don’t agree with this, when most of them have witnessed Premierships built from the enthusiasm and energy of young players in 84 & 93.

Our current selection committee prefer picking players with a proven record, compared to a lack of experience.
Sheedy built the EFC culture of throwing the kids in, and see what happens. So it’s abit challenging to see the opposite imo.
Robert Shaw wrote a great piece on this in his blog, during the year.


It wasn’t that great a piece.


I only have two things to say;

  1. Wow!

  2. I’d like a premiership myself


I think our problems during that period went far beyond selection