#38 Sam Draper


Wouldn’t we all.

2000 we rotated players in and out of the side all year. We did it because just winning wasn’t enough.

It also meant we had reliable seasoned backup in the event of injury.


We did it some weeks, but that was as much because we had guys absolutely banging down the door in the twos and we had a pretty healthy list. It was never just done for its own sake though and it wasn’t the kids that were getting rotated through the team.


The word seems to be that there is no problem with our list. The problem is related to setting up structures and adhereing to them . That is not only “playing the way we want to play” but that the way we want to play is disciplined and defensive right across all lines. A bit like Richmond.


Only when he had to,not just because he thought it was great to do.


He liked to give kids a toe dip, then send them back to the twos. Don’t judge sheedy’s whole career by his last couple years.


Giving them a dip verses throwing them in are two very different things, one is picking them on merit and seeing how they go, the other is just randomly picking a young player for the sake of it. He also wasn’t the only coach who did it, it is not like he invented playing kids.


Well that was an interesting exercise.

Debuts of Essendon players under 20 years of age.
1995-1999 14
2000-2004 14
2005-2009 23
2010-2014 16
2015-2018* 10

+obviously this is one year less than the previous groups


what about 1990 to 1994? That would be an interesting one


It would be.
But I’d need a source other than wiki, it doesn’t go back that far.
I’ve lost my bit of paper, but from memory the outliers were 2000 (1) and 2008 (7).
I’m dubious on 2008 though, how did we debut seven players under age 20? Seems…difficult.
Makes me want to go back and check.

Edit: Yep. Seven.
Darcy Daniher
(and mature Atkinson)


Based on this page, looks like it might be right about 2008.


Darcy Daniher



1990 cransberg, kickett, burns, McMullin = 4
1991 Fox, ridley, wanganeen, filandia, hills, morrish, robertson = 7
1992 bower, denham, ■■■■, hird, symons, kilpatrick, alessio, mercuri, calthrope, manton, misiti = 11
1993 delaney, fletch, olarenshaw = 3
1994 che, doolan, kickett, stevenson, hardwick, williams, oconnor, young, cummings, ross, prior, kirzner = 12

That means 1990-1994 = 37

Peak Sheedy

Edit: see below - I misread the question - so this answer doesn’t stack up


That’s quite a difference.


Makes sense. 2008 was Knights first year, after hitting the previous few drafts pretty hard and Sheedy’s 99-00 core now mostly gone

…while 2000 was 2000.


We had a zillion injuries in the last month or so. Pretty much everyone fit played.


Derek was a sprightly 27 when he played for us, and he’d played for North the year before. Denham had been at Geelong 4 years before Essendon.
I’m calling bullshit.


Well, call it on the right post.


Still hoping Kirzner comes good and vindicates my call of the next Bomber star…not too late right?

Gee it was good watching the ressies at the 'G before the main game.



I’m gunna guess TNC skimmed and missed the teenager bit


The 2005-2009 numbers would have been inflated by massive injury lists. We were also quite poo in those years.


We aren’t in a rebuild phase ATM, so I wouldn’t expect many debutants in 2019, and if we do it’s likely to be from guys who have already had a couple of years in the system.

The question on Draper vs Zac Clarke is interesting. We don’t know how good either of them are ATM or will be in 2019. Highly unlikely TBell will play >22 games straight though so there’s a good chance we will see both at some point.