#38 Sam Draper


Yes, thanks that makes a lot more sense in comparison the other numbers!


Could certainly take a mark


Who else was there for the reserves match at Waverley when Lucas bombed it to the pack from sixty out?


In 1994, the Cummings / Kirzner show in the reserves was the best ticket in town.


Come for the Kirzner/Cummings clunk and goal fest in 94, but stay for the Dwayne Armstrong running around with absolutely no idea what he was doing Show in 96.


I liked the time we scored a point and he grabbed the ball to make the kickout.


Only just realised he went at 65


Big xmas in the ivan household? :wink:


I was spelling on the bench at hour 7 of our Xmas extravaganza… And yaco had liked the earlier post



Stolen from twitter, The Franga Hanga @CharlieDons


He’s getting an armchair ride.


2020 T Bell is gonna have to watch his ■■■■.
This kid will have his job if he falters even slightly.
Gonna be very good ruckman young Sammy.


His improvement is off the scales and mightily impressive. A couple of his former team mates and coaches saw some potential in him but didn’t expect his progression to be so rapid


Obviously we don’t have one of the elite super ruckman, but do we now have some of the best ruck depth in the competition?
Smack and Daniher as KPF/2ndR

With a versatile and experienced Zarke waiting in the wings and one of the more promising young ruckman developing at a rate of knots

We haven’t been this comfortable with our ruck stocks since Hille, Ryder, Bellch and jerker


Strange question for you all.

Ignoring his ruckwork, how far off is he from being an AFL footballer? Has he looked remotely like a KPP? Would he be VFL level?


He is the rucking-est ruckman to ever ruck


He’s a very good athlete, he absolutely loves the contest, and he’s sponge when it comes to learning. One of those guys that just want to be the best, and want it yesterday. He’s a ripper. And he’s a ■■■■■■ nice kid as well. We really found one with him.


Why would you even think of making him a KPP…particularly as you need to be pretty agile as a ruckman to play KPP.


He’s not a KPP, he’s a ruckman.
He’ll learn to rest forward more effectively over time, but his go is the ruck.