#38 Sam Draper



It was a communication exercise, not a football drill


Even so.


Confirmation bias? Playing amateur psychologist on a forum are we? Funny…

Anyway, FWIW, played both soccer and footy as a kid and as an adult. There is a lot more emphasis on slowly building up play by going sideways, backwards in soccer. Not suggesting guys who played Gaelic/soccer actually have better eyesight! Just that they might be more inclined/have more confidence to go laterally. Hardly thought that would be so contentious… kinda just thought it was common sense. Anyway…




Very insightful comment. Never looked at the AFL Ruckman ages. Makes for a very interesting situation. If we can focus Drapers development with this in mind we may have a weapon on our hands.
I damn hope so.


Would you expect him to move his hands out the way of the ball if it comes near him, “instinctively” try and header the ball or play an off-side trap down back?


I’d like to see him against WB Tim English in the 2s this year. I think he will be the benchmark ruckman 2020onwards.


Seen some highlights of him in the match simulations. Has filled out, as you’d expect, but his work up forward is looking very impressive. Definitely one for the future.


Who’s taller Sammy or TBC?


Sam is a fraction taller (2cm)
Belly is a bit more Saad like.


Mate, this comment… Wtf?

No, because he’s not stupid.


And I’d expect footballers to be able to look for passes left and right, even if they haven’t played soccer.
They’re not stupid.


Massive call considering Grundy will only be 25 in 2020 and not even close to his peak for a ruckman and Gawn will still be in his late 20s, peak time for a ruckman.




Saad is more belly than Belly


The kids a freak show, will be the best ruckman in the league.


Perhaps, but not in 2020. It’ll still be Grundy and Gawn


Grundy, 25 in April and Gawn, 27 are the dominant ruckman of the league. Gawn has been doing it for a while now. I like how the Pies and Dees blooded these men at age 20 and how they’ve developed since. Draper should get games this year. It’s not beyond the realms that he has a similar trajectory to those 2 outstanding ruckman.


That’s how much a rate him, he is a better ground ball player than Gawn already and a better kick. If he can put some size on this and next preseason and develop his tank and Rick work he will be a force.