#38 Sam Draper


I will be disappointed if he doesn’t get at least 3-4 games this year.

He needs a taste of AFL football to see where he needs to improve.


Well, add ‘height’ to that request and you could include most people on our list.


At the moment he’s a kid with great potential. Gawn and Grundy have been doing it at senior level for quite a few years now. To say he’ll be better than those 2 within 2 years is pretty ridiculous to make right now


He is already ahead of Gawn after his second season vs Gawn in his 5th. Add to that he can kick like a midfielder and has good endurance running wise, just need to build his strength endurance for matching it with Bigger ruckman all game and season.

In two seasons he could easily be up there with them. His rapid rise is more comparable to Grundy.


Not sure about “kick like a midfielder”.

He’s reasonably sound but he’s still a ruck and kicks accordingly.


The arc of his boot travels further than most of our players.


Remember that shot at goal he shanked during training from a pretty easy angle and all the boys got into him… good times.


Yeah great point except they both debuted at 19?


Is it?

Grundy was the gun ruck in U18s, was touted as a top 5/10 pick, slipped to late first round, debuted late in his first season, and hasn’t been dropped since.

Draper was a late starter, rookie pick, basically a complete unknown, hasn’t played thus far (in 2 years) and looks to be 3rd in line for 1 spot.

Where’s the similarity?


Apologies this is from an earlier discussion where I was comparing Tim English from the dogs to Gawn and Grundy saying he could be up there with them by 2020.


Yeah, English promises to be a blend of both of them. Gawn’s frame with Grundy’s effect around the ground, he has one of the kicks for a guy his size you’re likely to see. Time will tell if he can add the actual ruck work to his list of abilities though, he also needs to get his Olivia Newton-John on and get physical.


Ah. I clicked back all the way to the start of the exchange and still wasn’t sure!!

Furry ■■■■.


Gawn - approx 19yr 6mnth
Grundy - 19, 3
“Our” man, Draper a year older
Makes those clubs’ deciisions even more impressive


Football player drafts player, selects them to play.
Ripping stuff.
Very impressive.

EDIT: Or is this one of those patented ATE “jokes”?


Unless you use the comparison of “years playing serious football before debut” in which case Draper is well ahead of Gawn & Grundy.
*and will be so long as he debuts in the next two years.



The main thing I took out of that video was remembering that Sam Grimley played for Essendon on ANZAC day :grimacing:


They are both very, very tall.