#38 Sam Draper


Finally, we get to see the big boy in with the men. I hope he kills it. Good luck to the young fella.


Hopefully they give him the first ruck position and make Zlarke play forward or from off the bench.

Do geelong even have a ruckman? I don’t count Zac Smith


Zlarke is first ruck
In the Twos


I’m excited to see what he can do with class at his feet.


He is going to have to push his Kms tonight, lots of chasing Stanley around who’s athleticism is a worry for TBell, both he and Draper should slaughter Stanley at the centre bounces.


Gets brought on for the last few minutes of the game. Plays 13% of the game time.

Gets 5 disposals, 3 contested, gets credited with a couple of stoppage clearances, takes a contested mark.

Are we sure he isn’t ready.


No idea whether he’s ready.
He was on the ground for ten minutes and it was total junk time.
May as well have played AFLX for all the good that did anyone.


Against a bloke he will probably play on in the VFL too.


He is ready. Bring him in


Agree Sam Woods. In 15 minutes he won 5 disposals 2 clearances, 1 inside 50 1 contested mark.
Those are Brodie Grundy type numbers… I mean extrapolate to a full game:
40 disposals 16 clearances, 8 inside 50 8 contested mark. WTF

One of his strengths is hitouts and he was down in that stat. I dont know why.
Clearly he is not going to be that good against a good ruckman, but he just might be ready.


if T-Bell is not able to play a match this year, this kid MUST get an opportunity at senior level.

if we bring in that spud Clarke, before Draper, I’ll spew


You kidding? You throw a fresh legged 20 year old on the ground in the last 10 minutes against a second rate ruckman of course he’s going to look good.

Please don’t talk about imaginary full game stats.


First time I’ve seen him play live:

  • He is ■■■■■■■ massive. Crashed a pack right in front of where I was sitting.
  • The way he moves around the ground reminds me a bit of David Hille. Not quite as agile, but he covers the ground really well.
  • Some of his ruck work was very creative, there were a couple of stoppages he put the ball on a platter for a midfielder. I don’t know enough about ruck positioning or technical aspects to really comment further on that, but it was impressive.


Except their 2nd rate ruckman, Darcy Fort was fresh too off the bench, is older and more experienced.

Draper killed him for the brief time he was on the ground.

Draper is ready.


I’m not saying he’s not good. It was just a bullshit post pumping him up way too much.


he didnt look out of place for his 10 mins.


So training has no effect, and is a waste of time?

Because you seem to be implying that training for different things in different systems for, oh, 10+ years, won’t have any effect on how you play.


Yes. You got me.

Implying how professional sportspeople play is down to how they are trained to play their chosen sports, means I think training doesn’t work.

And someone’s dad taking under 8s practice is probably just as effective.


We all know that Clarke will be prioritized over Draper so no point complaining.

We only play the kids when we absolutely have no other choice.


He didn’t even have the time to be bad!