#38 Sam Draper


Loking at a replay of Q4 against Geelong, I noticed in 15 minutes he played, Draper twice took the ball out of the centre bounce and handballed to a passing mid for a clearance. This is something TBell rarely tries, but Draper looked particularly slick; almost Grundy-like ! Maybe it was possible because the umps were not recalling the ball when the bounce was askew, distinctly favouring one ruckman or the other.


Did he pluck it out of the air? The new rules allow them to do that now without giving up prior opportunity.


Did he pluck it out of the air?

No I checked again, He just showed nice hands in close with a couple of ground balls.


That’s even better. Most rucks struggle with the ground balls. Hopefully this kids turns out to be something.


That’s not an outlier; he does like being a big-bodied midfielder if there isn’t an initial clearance.


Bring him in


Is he the Big Bodied Midfielder we have been waiting for? Is he our new messiah?


He does have a bit of Grundy in him in that he can follow up. It looks scrappy but it’s effective