#39 Patrick Voss

If Voss was a first rounder, it would be because he didn’t have many gaps in his game that need development. He’s a late pick project player who has things to work on. It’s ok for him to be given time to work on them. He isn’t a first round pick package right now, so it isn’t a fair comparison.

I was super keen for him to debut, but clearly the coaches see weaknesses in his game that the opposition will exploit. I’ve been really pleased with Scott’s coaching style and I have no reason to doubt him on this one, as much as I’d love to see Voss crunching the opposition at senior level.


Seems close, I think he will debut soon.

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How about BZT?

Yeah, but tell me that Jones didn’t have anything to work on, yet was getting games because he was a higher draft pick.

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mine was a day before but i’ll take it

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Note: this was only to half time


None of the people listed are coaches for the Essendon Football Club. So what’s your point?

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Yes I get he is liked on here, and can play - I’d still like to know what Tudor was meant by it.

I don’t want him poached and regularly hurt us physically wherever he goes.
Play the boy soon I say. This week was perfect!

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Jacob van Rooyen:

“Yeah it’s been really good. I think them holding me back last year was probably just best for me. Kinda trying to help me develop and I think they’ve done that really well - I felt right at home playing AFL.”

Abby Holmes: so that was the right approach?

“Yeah I do think so and I’ve gotta thank the club for that”

Jacob van Rooyen = 20 yo
Patrick Voss = 19 yo


Voss has definitely got some great attributes, and his form has been solid, but he’s hardly smashing down the door like he was early in the year. After a hot start in the opening two games when he bagged 5 and 4, he’s kicked 7 goals in the following 7 matches. The most marks he has taken in a game this year is 7. He’s averaging 13 possessions per game.

I would guess that Hunter has better recent state league form, despite being only three games in returning from an ACL.


thats the point, we had key forwards in the afl being duds while he was knocking down the door, now its all ‘He HaS tO EaRn HiS SpOt.’

its a rubbish narrative

you’ve legit just said that vosses previous form means nothing and then decided to use another person 3 game form to suddenly mean something? its hypocritical


I’m saying his form line isn’t that great since his first two games. That is all. I don’t think his marking game is good enough for AFL football at the moment. I expect that is why Jones was favoured over him early in the season.

Maybe Scott is waiting for coach Voss to get the sack to bring in our Voss?

Fark Carlton.

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He has also moved up to CHF from FF. The kid has talent but maybe BDB see a bit of Jono brown in him. Once he is unleashed look out. I’m all for him biding his time, but by the same token if the kid is a confidence player,then should’ve been picked while in form

Will be livid if delisted at season end without getting a chance.

That is just silly Billy.


But it is Essington like @Captain Jack

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Well, he of course, wasn’t ‘one of the best interceptors’ at the time, and he had a handful of games further up the ground. Seems like a rational experiment, to find out a kid’s best position.


Excellent example, actually.