#39 Patrick Voss

I’m still not sure if I agree, but consensus on here was the opposite - that on average he offered little after half time and most of his best work was done in the first half or even quarter.

we were a ■■■■■ vfl footy side for part of the year too need to remember.

Voss and Baldwin were impactful for forwards in a poor vfl program. Stewart looked good forward too when played there.


He had 2 or 3 good VFL games, and good moments in most

An encouraging first year.


Why did we bring in a guy who can’t kick?


We brought him specifically to kick points. They win matches too you know


tackles like a league player

Could he be like Crameri?

Would need some serious wheels, at least over 20 metres. Looks a bit like a lumberer to me but I’m happy to be wrong. Crammers was pretty unique


I was heart broken when he left.


Thank god we managed to grab Merret with the pick.


Voss surprised me last year with his footskills, he’s a beautiful set shot. His issue that the development guys will need to solve is about which position he plays, the obvious fallback is as an Ambrose style FB

Or Dean Solomon?:thinking:

He was cheap

In his first season with limitations on his tank and a crap VFL midfield for the first part of the year, he still averaged 1.75 goals a game. That’s the same as Weideman a #8 draft pick did (excluding his ruck games) in his 7th season. He also averaged 3.7 tackles a game.

So, even ignoring the aggression which Blitz is gaga over, his goal kicking was really strong for a first year player and he was good at putting pressure on the opposition. Two traits which are extremely valuable at AFL level.

(And for some context, this was the first year since 2013 that anyone kicked 50 goals in the VFL regular season. They’re not easy to come by).


And his strut after kicking a goal is worth the price of Admission, Carey Esque.
Probably the main reason would like him to make it as a forward, but happy for him to be slotted in anywhere. Defence, Bench, Mid, fwd

Controlled aggression, has been lacking from EFC for a while. He brings Ambrose aggression and then some.


Cheers, I’ve got similar answers, I’m encouraged about the Voss train. Not buying a ticket yet but haven’t bought many others yet either

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Apparently he was doing tug of war this morning against the rest of the team and won.


Most Wagga boys grow up playing both AFL & League. The brutes usually stay with league :wink:

Cause the club was missing the inaccurate kicks when Joey left us