#39 Patrick Voss

Hopefully Brad has plans for Voss and Bryan in the second half of the year when we make our run towards finals.

Doubt voss will get a game after the bye when 2MP is back


If we were still under Rutten or Worsfold I probably call bullshit. But I have faith in Scott and his ability to develop and inspire players, so I think there is probably a longer term strategy that Scott has got in play here.


I’m naturally inclined to get frustrated that he isn’t getting a go.

But we developed Zerk very effectively predominantly via sustained performances in the VFL. Perhaps we will do the same here?

The proof will be in how many of these players that clearly have talent but aren’t getting regular games (or not getting picked at all) such as Mass, Baldwin, Bryan and Voss stick around. If they feel that they are in the right environment to develop, and on board with what Scott is asking of them and working towards that in order to get senior opportunity, then these boys probably won’t be desperate to leave for the first club that gets in their ear about getting a game elsewhere. If there’s any form of mixed messages, that they are being told one thing and the opposite happens, or simply Scott doesn’t rate them at all, then they’ll be out the door.

Voss is clearly a rough diamond. I’d love to see him get a chance sooner rather than later, but you hope he’s locked into what the club’s plans are with him, he’s got clarity on what he needs to do to get picked, and he feels he is going to be a long-term player for us. Scott has said they want to put him in a position that, once he gets selected, he stays in the team. Fingers crossed when he gets that chance that is the case.

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Voss is different to nearly every other KP disco has ever drafted. Disco usually favours lean rangey types. Voss is a brute. i suspect that in part explains the keen interest and high expectations


I agree with this 100%, but it’s not the point i was making. Maybe one is doing everything that’s asked of him, and one isn’t. Which is what has been spoken about on a few occasions.

How’d the beast go today in the vfl?

He’s ready.
0 goals 2 behinds.
He’s been Essingtoned.


I watched most the game on the afl app and i thought he looked real good.

Strong contested marks and sublime field kicking. Only thing letting him down was his goal kicking.


Wouldn’t mind giving this bloke a debut this week


papers are stamped. CYA

Why do you continually do this sh*t Alex ?

Is it ironic, funny (cough…it isnt) posting, or do you believe it ?

Voss is still only 19


No, I believe it. I dont understand why we havent given him games, he had a prime opportunity with his form being good and players being out and he still wasnt given a game. I dont think the club sees him in its long term plans.

He’ll probably get another two year deal and just stay in the VFL for the next couple of years, perhaps playing a game or two here or there.

Okay, thats your opinion i guess.
I think its short sighted, and ive noticed you making similar comments on Bryan (21yo ruckman)

The coaches might be thinking…we’ve really got something here, but we need to polish the fine edges on this raw product.
He could have been selected 5 weeks ago for a game, no doubt.
I wouldnt be making sweeping conclusions over the non selection though.


In my view, its unfortunately how the club operates. Some players come into the seniors almost immediately after being selected and are probably played way too long without a spell, OR, players are left to waste in the VFL for far too long and then when they are called up to play, they cant get the speed of the game and are dropped again.

What a load of ■■■■.

It has repeatedly been mentioned by the coach as having to work of a couple of team things and your take away is he is going?

He’s a 19 yo key forward that has been doing well in the VFL, I’d love him to get a game this week, however the reality is he’ll likely serve some more time doing his ‘apprenticeship’ and will get a gig when the coach feels he’s playing the required roll consistently and opportunity arises.

Cool your jets.


Not sure its a load of ■■■■, but thanks for your opinion anyhow.


It was all over once Brad found out Voss’s was bigger.