#39 Ross McQuillan - Leaving On A Jet Plane

The Boston Celtics of the AFL. This kid promises to be a jet. Super exciting. Trust that we develop him & that he makes the transition to AFL footy & enjoys a successful footy career with us. Welcome to the Bombers, Ross.


He sounds like a Jet, Kudos to Dodoro
On the Banwagon

Jayden Stephenson is 189cm

Similar size & build for him

With McQ’s elite pace and likely being good overhead with the basketball background helping on top of playing as a fwd with the Gaelic ball we could have a ripper


Can we call him Rachel?




Looks like a jet. looking forward to seeing him in action!

Is this the biggest signing of the week? Sounds a ripper get on paper. Let’s hope he converts over well.

Sooo,…no highlights vids of Gaelic, and / or AFL tryouts etc??

I refuse to get excited.

Not worth the effort or the likely letdown.

But he does sound ■■■■■■ brilliant.

Does he speak English?


I heard he is better than Ablett.

I vote for Rosco.


Gaelic. “Gae” for short. Oh wait…

ban yourself

“To be sure. To be sure”.

I was really hoping the email was going to refer to Francis.

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Red Potatoes

Very pleased that’s we’ve gone back to the well.

Our Irish players are thus far averaging 39* senior games.

“The Quill”

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be careful what you wish for

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