#39 Trent Mynott - Welcome To Essendon


I’m happy with this. Since Hams left we have a lack of players whose names you can use for puns.

Whereas Trent’s name MYNOTT be too difficult to use in a pun.

Get it? Get it? It might be a bit too subtle so some of you MYNOTT get it.


He won’t be playing seniors next year.
Unless he has another ‘point of difference’ skillset, he’s around 7 or 8 kilos too light to be an AFL inside mid.


A genuine mid. Not a fwd/mid. I like it


Actually played mostly as a forward last year and he is more than capable of kicking goals. He isn’t just a midfield plodder he knows his way around goals


Oh dear


What do you expect to happen? Xavier Campbell to peel off his mask and reveal he’s been Pauline all along?
They’re not going to go into any serious answers in front of the cheer squad types that turn up to that thing.

Daresay you’d get something more hard hitting if you posed it on here.


And in there lies the problem.


Is this one of kids that’s got the talent but may or may not be drafted due parents as mentioned by burke??


Has a terrific family and a famous family out at Rowville


Is he related to Brian Mynott, Saints 1966 premiership player?


Some dude spent 14 minutes accusing the VFL side of smoking SHISHA. And even if you did ask, you would be asking someone who would have to pass it onto someone who would pass it onto someone who would definitelt get back to you as a priority. Too many ways for them to fob you off.

Get onto Katie Lio or Cuz or someone on here with real contacts.


No I don’t think so, his old man is a respected player and coach at EFL


I think the question we’re all asking is…can he play back-flank and when can he be moved to the back flank?


This ^

This is the kind of thing we need to do more of around here


How many of Benfti’s shithouse recruit suggestions have actually come back to bite the club on the ■■■■?

If he was a baseball player he’d be batting at about 0.0001 with 0 RBI


I wonder if he likes chewing on power cables?



At least he contributes meaningful and insightful information to this board - unlike the dribbling scorn you continue to produce.


I think he’s a good selection. If he’s no good then no issues he’ll be deisted next year. We need more clearance players and this is what he is. No doubt as a rookie he’ll have deficiencies.
I personally think it’s ludicrous to complain about not drafting an indigenous guy when many others after us didn’t. It’s simply irrelevant to recruiting. We must pick the player we think will be the best.


“G’day Trent”
“How ya goin”
“Look Trent that’s a great question”