#39 Trent Mynott - Welcome To Essendon


Sorry got too excited :joy:


Was that the final I posted above or a different game?


Yeh the final Eastern v Dandenong, i couldn’t find any others.


The common theme that has emerged from three out of four of our draft picks is their kicking skills are considered first class / elite. Mynott has been selected with a long view in mind of becoming an inside mid in about 3 years time. There is no need to rush him. Plenty of scope for development. Good luck to you Trent, blitz 'em.


Dylan Moore
I was watching it wondering if we would grab him. They couldnt believe he slid so much


Yeah… I was a bit intoxicated on draft night, and got a bit upset when we didn’t select him.

But after settling down and detoxing, I figured another small midfielder probably wasn’t our most needed player type.


Can we move this thread to the Hangar with all the other player threads?



Nicknames suggestion:
Given he needs to put on weight, and in a sideways nod to Irish rock of the ‘70’s,
Thin Lizzie


Had my first real look at him yesterday in Frankston.

As mentioned in the VFL thread he didn’t really come into the game until the second half but did some nice things.

High energy type player that has no fear and reads the drop of the ball well around stoppages.

Needs to work on decision making a little as he was selling his teammates into trouble at times but that will come with more experience and also understanding with your teammates.

I’m not sure if he had an off day but his kicking was his biggest issue I could see. Action looks ok but several kicks were shanked under relatively little duress.

Overall we have something to work with though.