#39 Trent Mynott - Welcome To Essendon


Could be good, could be the next Will Hams.
Desperate, see ball get ball type, but his possessions are a bit scrappy, and usually in packs - that’s why he’s relatively anonymous.
Build him up and see next year.


The problem with these three is they don’t kick enough goals. We need goal kicking mids.





All three are inside mids or in Mutch’s case, both inside and outside.

It’s the Merretts,Heppell,Langford’s and Smith’s of our midfield that need to hit the scoreboard more often.


I like Trent, think he will be a good midfielder…reads it well at stoppages.

Mutch is the best of the kids…just needs to believe he belongs in the AFL


All three of them are a little vanilla, in a good way, kinda. Their problem atm is, they are are all mids who haven’t shown any ‘weapons’ and can’t really play anywhere else and so their opportunities will be limited.


Mynott’s best weapon at the moment is his timing, which is lovely. Holds back on his disposal to give the receiver the best possible chance. Specially by hand. A very nice skill to have. Like the look of this kid.


Definitely seems really balanced with how he moves and disposes of footy.




I’ll be honest he is a hard one to spot on field, his kicking looks neat, can hang in the air bit though that should improve in time


How was he today


I thought he was good.


Looked alright. Strong competitor, has the sort of mongrel we’re after.


Watched him closely today and he impressed, goes after the ball well and hunts the opposition too, has a few tricks as as well.

He went up for a speccy and almost pulled it down, seems nifty around the goals, has some good evasive footwork and seems like a smart users in and around the clinches. Based on what I’ve seen is the equal of Clark and Mutch, albeit a year behind; probably has a higher ceiling and more versatility - think Guelfi.


How is his pace and his kicking?

He’s a good size by the looks of him. 185cm and not a complete lightweight.


Pace didn’t really stand out to me either way. One thing I’ve noticed with his kicking is that it hangs occasionally, but he would be an average kick, probably more damaging than Mutch but not as consistent, though I haven’t noticed if he is as dual-sided yet.


23 disposals and a goal against Collingwood, think he will be in for a big year next year


I like this kid.


Do you rate him?


He will be better than Mutch or Clarke. Guelfi like but a better clearance player. Has a few tricks. Is another Darren Bewick pick.