3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


The Davey role


Defensively doesnt look like much has changed. Still a lot of one way runners


Looks like NewLAV will play for red in the last.

[EDIT: he didn’t. Listened to huddle talk, then went inside to swim his allotted 1km.]

Smack and Clarke switch to green.


Ya gotta love Fletch. Classic. Had a good laugh at a few stories!


Clarke first touch, tackled immediately.


Probably don’t want to risk injuries


Myers right foot kick


Zerrett and Smith are elite elite picking up a wet ball on the run.


Baguley killing every contest he’s in.


Hind doesn’t look out of place


Ottavi set shot point. Lovely run-up though.



Andy McGrath showing some rust there.


Another attempt for mark of the year, by a top-up.


Joe and Hooker doing laps.


26 red looking ok


Green outsmarts Dea for the mark ten out.




Langford vs Stringer contest in the middle there was worth watching… broke even.


Kick long to Green… he may not mark, but roves and lovely dribble from thirty out in the pocket for the goal.


Begley showing some pre-season footy smarts there. Standing under the high ball with Ambrose running across to defend.

Begs just took a step back and let him punch it over the boundary.