3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


Doddoro: “sheed’s always told me, never comment on reserves players that are not on the main list”.


Yes. Just a wild guess.


Bad joke. Wouldn’t be too surprising. Had me refreshing quickly… prick. :joy:


Worsfold rocking the bling


Some observations.

Stringer: Joint BOG - played what seemingly felt predominantly midfield. Lots of clearances, lots of goals, good skills.

Zerrett: Joint BOG - Seems more inside than last year. Elite hands. Elite kicking. Will go up a notch this year.

Langford: Worked well into the game. Clean hands towards the end. Seemed quicker than last year.

Smith: Gun. Will complement our midfield/forward line extremely well.

Fantasia: Looks to be spending more time in the midfield. Glowing reports coming out of the club. Probably best pre season, rewarded with leadership group. Will go to another level this year.

Tall forwards: Daniher, Stewart, Hooker. Not a day for the tall forwards. We got one of the better tall set ups in the comp.

Key Backs: Hurls obv didn’t play a lot. Ambrose is clear 2nd key back. Brown/Hartley toss of the coin. I’m leaning towards Brown.


In between BBQ, welcoming guests, sorting everything, dealing with disastrous name tags I’ll also post some game photos later.

Right now I’m sitting up here soaking it all in. I’ll do my thank you speech later.



Is Hurley ok?

Just saw heraldsun reporting a wrist injury?!?!


It’s just a knock according to the club

R.I.P. Hurlz


Knock= A few weeks


Saad looked really good too.




Completely unsighted in the first half


My thoughts:

Saad is a good footballer, good get and will add a bit to our side.

Stringer is a very good footballer, very good get and will add a fair bit to our side.

Still more bullish about our boy DEV though. Gun.

Lang/Lav were pretty prominent in link up but I didn’t notice them doing much earth shattering stoppage work, particularly Lav. Note they were on the worse side with the worse ruck so that doesn’t help.

Hartley… I dunno… I think Brown can still dislodge him.

Ditto McNiece with Baguley. Really think he can step up.

I kept wondering who #24 was before realising it was Houlahan… I guess that’s good?

Other than that Redman showed a bit (and I mean a “bit”), hope he can have a crack in the VFL for the first month and see what happens.


Apologies. I rate the young man very highly. Cruelled start to his career. Onwards and upwards.


Why is this thread completely about the game and not at all about the sausages?


And where is the group photo? Or is that subject to some exclusive modelling agreement?


Thanks to all for organising. Terrific event.


Just got home. What a terrific event. Thanks to Soulnet and I think Bloodstained devils (with apologies to others who helped) for all your hard work. It was great to meet so many wonderful like minded people today.


The broadcast with Jules and Coons was great. Shame about Hurls. Hopefully not serious. Lots to be excited about. All three new guys looked amazing. Raz and Walla looked dangerous. Zerrett wow! Just bring on round 1 already