3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!




So no big news after all?


leadership group announcement.


How many HOT CHIPS did david j richardson put away?




Did Blitzers put a 32 pm on someone if they liked their comment?



Had a good chat with e12, who was reading a copy of Green Left Weekly during the half time break.*

* this may be FAKE NEWS


I think Hurley is ok. Drove home with it bandaged but no ice.


Drove? Who was driving?




Great morning. Fantastic effort by @soulnet to pull it altogether and wonderful to meet a handful blitzers. Sadly I had to shoot off at 3 quarter time to get to something else and would have to hang around to meet more of you.

Nick Hyne, bring him in.






Nothing against anyone we picked but to have a guy like this under our noses and not see what he brings baffles me. Equals Saad/McKenna for pace, goes in hard, can kick.


Nick Hind presumably. I liked him in the VFL last year. Looked really promising but pretty light - has he built up a bit?


Just home. Great to meet and remeet so many of you. Thanks heaps Soulnet and co. Great to chat to Nackers, Milanista, Wim, Deckham, Hambo, Captain Jack, DJR, BSD, Tippa the Iceberg, Ivan, JM and heaps of others.

Highlights - the Stinger/Smith show for starters. Bring em straight in. Ottavi the ring in at full forward looked dangerous. The usual suspects - Zerrett, Hepp, Parish, Walla etc. Zakka the second half specialist as usual. Plenty of dash from Conor, Fanta, Saad - we’ll be seriously quick. And I loved the way The Langford fought his way back into the game after a poor start.

Gotta go to a wedding now (wife’s yelling from the car FFS) so that’ll have to wrap it up. Go Dons!


So that was the big news?


David Myers into the leadership group isn’t big news for a fringe player?


Nothing that dramatic - leadership group. We hadn’t heard the bit at the time where Goddard voluntarily stepped down so young bucks like Myers could have a go.

(The top deck has a window that overlooks the inside of the Hangar. The club took the leadership photos there before the game, then crapped their pants thinking that Blitz was going to break the news before they did!)