3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


More focus.


Joey spoiling a mark to Gleeson by jumping pretty much over him.

And Joey going way too early.


More rucking.


So this was the view from the BBQ.


Tippa always in the contest.


One on One.


Myers. He did drop it but it was wet.


This little tap opened the play.


Saad was quick but Langford certainly pushed Saad.


Stringer, can’t slow him down.


Langford tried as well.




who was 19? Only saw the last 10 mins. Kicked the last 2 and then contested a centre bounce ruck contest. Thought Mutch was 19?




Gleeson spoiled but the ball went behind for Green to dribble one through.


Centre bounce.


Post game.


For the 37th time… STRACHAN.



So thank you everyone who attended and brought to life the intraclub match! It was wonderful to see so many new faces but also those who have previously come. It was a delight to get you all in even though there was the last minute change with where exactly we were on the balcony.

Thanks to those at the club, Katie, Carla, Maddie and Rodski for giving us the green light and helping out with any additional things we needed. Hope you and the staff also enjoyed the sausages! Loved seeing skeeta as well come along, the kids (big and small) just loved it!

Huge thank you for everyone who brought a dish or an esky, or a drink or a dessert or a snack or donut or coffee or many of the other wonderful things! Also I’m going to call the onion off a draw. Both were delicious.

Massive thank you to the chefs on the day! We basically missed a half of footy to make sure everyone was well fed :smiley:

Thank you to everyone as well for behaving accordingly and hopefully leaving a positive vibe so we can do this again next year.

The music has started so I have to wrap this up.



Full replay is up