3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


Even if we did the damn stickers would fall off.


From the song? He was only 19…



Best I got for the day, as requested…


Doesn’t look it but there was 50+ there today.


Hepps was great today, I thought.

Oh - and who was that #19 guy?


Had a good chat with Ivo for a while, … was not what I expected… way younger than I’d pictured…


Big thanks to everyone today in being so welcoming. This was my first Blitz outing and was the final step in transforming the Missus from a half arsed Hawks supporter when I met her, to a fully fledged one eyed Bomber.


Got there late and kept a low profile. Was still great to see a few people. Bbq was great and so was the coffee.

Good on the club for allowing this level of access. Would there be any other elite sporting club in the world where you could just be a group of fans from the internet and get use of the facilities in such a way.


Very nice to meet you too. With 40 bearing down on me I wish I felt as young as you didn’t expect expected me to be.


Having a little look at the replay, langford getting a fair bit more than I actually realised.

Hepp and Zerret were the ones that really stood out this morning


50+ from Blitz?


Likewise mate.

And if it helps, … you didn’t look a day over 39 to me … :wink:


Probably 40 or so, … then plus ones & or kids.


Thanks for the reports all, and thanks for the piccies @Soulnet

Couldn’t watch the game live as I was working with wild dog trappers up the back of the property, but it was great to watch the replay on EFC and then read the comments on here.

Go Bombers!


I haven’t had s chance to watch the game yet, was laverde poor?


Poor is probably overplaying it.


A big thanks to Soulnet for organizing the bash today. Took me a few hours to get up from Hastings, but for the short time l was there, l had a blast meeting fellow Blitzers, Bonzo (again), BDS, DJR, Chris 64, Deckham, Robin Close, Tin Hill Terror, Wannabe, Humbert Humbert Nackers and Hambo (thanks also for the lift to the station). Apologies in advance because l know l am missing a few people, and would like to have met more.

l even got to see a few minutes of the game, well about the last third of the game. The only one l really noticed was Parish. The conditions by the second half were getting quite greasy, with quite a few handling errors, but l was impressed by the willingness of the players to take the game on and go through the corridor. Better have a look at the replay.

Cheers to all. Go Bombers. Be bullish!


Didn’t stand out but wasn’t poor either. No idea what happened to him in the second half - completely unsighted.


You trying to tell me Ivan isn’t an old crusty cranky retiree???