3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


Tried to watch with a crap internet connection. I saw Begley and Smith combining a couple of times. Any feedback on the fridge? Is he up for a midfield shot ?


You might be confusing him with me. Certainly that applies to me…and Reboot, and jodi.


Had hamstring tightness all week, was rested for the 2nd half


Ahh, thanks - I was going to post and ask what happened to him because I didn’t see him after halfway in the second quarter.


What will it take for the coaches to address Hookers goal kicking? He seriously kicks on his natural side the way I kick on my opposite side, or worse. And I’m no etc. but surely, surely someone can give him a hand? Seems like a ‘she’ll be right’ approach. Are they afraid of hurting his feelings? Come on! Lloydy? Lucas? Who is the forward coach? This is basic forward craft. Someone just tell him to calm down and kick through it. You don’t need to be a ■■■■■■■ steam train.

Sorry. Predictable Rant over. Was a pretty good hit out. Jeez we’ve hit gold with SSS.


Well done to SN and everyone that contributed. Will make it to one of these things eventually. 50 odd is pretty impressive.


Clarke’s kicking > Hooker’s kicking


I haven’t seen it, but does Hooker still charge in to kick his set shots kamizaki style? And then try to kick every shot 80 metres?


Yes, he kicks it far too hard from in close


Thought hepp was super today. Very clean, moving into good channels to recieve and intercept, busy at stopagges, kicking noticeably quicker through the air. He and Zerret will be a pleasure to watch this year.


Can’t imagine the club is doing nothing about it.

Everyone assumed that Joe wasn’t putting any work into his but obviously he was.

Hooker had a very fast but deliberate run up last season and although on face value it appears not to work,I think it’s safe to say that something is being done about it in the background.


I reckon re Hepp there will be a lot of people saying “i’d Forgotten he was that good”…
He might also still have his best footy ahead of him.
And no disrespect to Jobe, but it might help not having Jobe in the same side. As good as they both were, they were both too slow to be together. The opposition will be too busy trying to stop our fast blokes so they won’t be able to expose Hepp against a fast bloke.


I hope so, I really do. But to be honest I’m not sure Joe has turned the corner either. Yes he nearly won the Coleman, but he could easily have won it by a street, and both Hooker and Joe could have got us over the line for two, maybe three more wins. Anyway, we’ll see. I have nightmares about this stuff, and I’m not joking.


Ivan still gets asked for ID at the bar.


A lot to like about the intra club, and not just the game itself. That blitz BBQ looked super, and the live streaming telecast is such a treat for fans.

I thought our depth looked good today, both sides managed to bat reasonably deep. As for the play itself, I don’t have much more to add that hasn’t already been said:

  • Mitch Brown a legit chance to play round 1.
  • It’s gonna be hard to leave out Josh Green.
  • Based on this one pre season hit out… I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of both Stringer and Smith eventually becoming genuine starting mids for us.
  • I still think Dylan Clarke will play senior footy this year.


Clarke was busy, and his kicking was cromulent enough.

I bet Draper was frustrated watching a series of people who won’t ruck this year in the ruck instead of him.

Joe Dan got paid frees for staging, but Brown otherwise won the contest.


Baguley killed every contest he was in. McNeice did close to that, but was also attacking. He was the only one of many triers to really apply pressure on TIPPA… who is stepping up again this year.

Guelfi did a few classy things.

Smith for a second rounder? Robbery!

Stop asking. Strachan.


Nobody mentioned this guy. McGrath will become an inside mid this year, and be even better than as an outside player. He is only 19 so maybe they will not use him so much as a workhorse but he is class.


Both a confidence players just like most forwards.

Joe has certainly improved but I guess that can change.


I did not see Katie there today, but I did see Skeeta. Now the mystery of who Skeeta actually is has been solved !


I came in during the first quarter but was hanging out near the kitchen end of the balcony.

…Then I had to go get changed…