3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!




How was parish?


I thought he was pretty good.

TBH it’s hard to rate the players as you’ve got 40 you’re trying to keep your eye on at any one time.


Parish was v. good from the little l saw.


Look like he could still be playing. What was knights thinking Neagle could replace him.


I actually thought Parish was just OK at best. Thought he battled by virtue of being on the side with the B level midfield.

Not concerned one bit, though.


I don’t think Green is getting enough love. I thought he was Reds best player in the first half, and then he switched to Green and got a few goals. Was really lively.

On the face of it, Green really should have killed Red in the first half given the midfielders they had, but Red still got quite a few goals. A number through VFL players. It was a touch concerning. Or exciting. Not sure which.


Enjoyed the coverage yesterday but disappointing nobody asked during the interviews about Francis


Maybe not being brought up every time the club does something media wise might be good for him. ever since his first year ‘when is francis gonna play seniors?’ is a question.


My obvious picks for best 22:
Hurley Gleeson McKenna Saad Goddard
TBC Heppell Zerrett Smith Zaka McGrath Parish
Daniher Hooker Fantasia Walla Stringer

A total of 17 leaving 5 extra spots. For me I’d fill them spots with 2 defenders, 2 mids and 1 fwd.
Definitely need 2 lock down defenders and I’d go with Baguely and Ambrose. Close behind I have Hartley, Brown, Redman and McNiece. There may be games we require another tall but in the long run our team will be better off going with two and Hooker can go back if the dam wall starts cracking.
Myers seems like he’ll be a definate with the leadership role. The other choice for mine is Langford, does enough out of the stoppage and is versatile.
Would love Laverde, Green or Begley but I think Stewart makes for a harder task for the opposition. Stewart playing structures our team better for the periods when TBC is resting as well as times where Hooker goes into defence.

My current team:
Gleeson Ambrose Baguely
McKenna Hurley Saad
Zaka Heppell Zerrett
Fantasia Daniher Stringer
Stewart Hooker Walla
TBC Myers Smith
Goddard McGrath Parish Langford


It’s a fair point - guess he is one kid a lot of the members and supporters are really interested in. Fingers crossed things come together for Aaron.


Hey Cathy, did you bring HOT CHIPS?


Ashamedly I did not. I did bring myself a coffee and a world famous egg & bacon roll from the Bomber Cafe though.


Theres heaps of pressure on him, dodoro on draft night said he’d probably be #1 on talent alone.


Try the chicken parma focaccia from the Bomber Cafe. You won’t be sorry!


I’m a fan of the schnitzel & coleslaw sandwich too. Delicious.


From what i saw on the replay, he seemed to be trailing people in the contests. Maybe he was assigned a tagging role.


FWIW it did appear as if the red midfield was specifically instructed to set-up defensively at stoppages.

Even Zerrett turned to a very defensive game when he shifted to the red side in the 2nd half.


Got it.

How do you pronounce it?


Certainly in the first half the green midfield had many of the best mids. Zerrett, Heppell, Zaharakis, Stringer, Smith, and Bellchambers. Raz and Walla also rotated through.

Red was Parish, Myers, Langford as its core. Goddard was red but not in the midfield.